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Zion National Park, Utah
Zion National Park
17 July 2008

By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion.

We hanged our harps upon the willows in the midst thereof.

For there they that carried us away captive required of us a song; and they that wasted us required of us mirth, saying, Sing us one of the songs of Zion.

How shall we sing the LORD's song in a strange land?

If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cunning.

If I do not remember thee, let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth; if I prefer not Jerusalem above my chief joy.

Remember, O LORD, the children of Edom in the day of Jerusalem; who said, Rase it, rase it, even to the foundation thereof.

O daughter of Babylon, who art to be destroyed; happy shall he be, that rewardeth thee as thou hast served us.

Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones.

Psalm 137 from the King James Bible

According to Wikipedia, the name Zion has many meanings to the Latter-day Saints:
  1. Zion refers to Jerusalem;
  2. Zion is the name of a physical city founded by the prophet Enoch, also known as the City of Enoch;
  3. Zion refers to the New Jerusalem, a physical, Millennial city expected to be located in Independence, Missouri;
  4. Zion metaphorically refers to any group of people who are unified and pure in heart;
  5. Zion is the central location where Latter-day Saints have gathered (Kirtland, Ohio; Jackson County, Missouri; Nauvoo, Illinois; the Salt Lake Valley);
  6. Joseph Smith stated that "Zion is all of North and South America";
  7. The Stake of Zion is a metaphor for a unified society of Latter-day Saints.

Name Address City Year Authority ID Sort Address Sort Name
Old Washington County Courthouse85 East 100 NorthSt. GeorgeNational1970000634E 0100 NOld Washington County Courthouse
Pine Valley Chapel and Tithing OfficeMain Street and Grass Valley RoadPine ValleyNational1971000859MainPine Valley Chapel and Tithing Office
Hamblin HouseOld US 91Santa ClaraNational1971000860Highway 091Hamblin House
Wells Fargo and Company Express BuildingMain StreetSilver ReefNational1971000861MainWells Fargo and Company Express Building
St. George TabernacleTabernacle and Main StreetsSt. GeorgeNational1971000862TabernacleSt. George Tabernacle
Young (Brigham) Winter Home and OfficeCorner of 200 North and 100 WestSt. GeorgeNational1971000863200 NYoung (Brigham) Winter Home and Office
Washington Cotton FactoryNear 377 West Telegraph StreetWashingtonNational1971000864Telegraph W 0377Washington Cotton Factory
Deseret Telegraph and Post OfficeWest Main Street Between Dennett Lane and Center StreetRockvilleNational1972001263Main WDeseret Telegraph and Post Office
Mountain Meadows Historic SiteUtah Highway 18 South of West Pinto RoadEnterpriseNational1975001833Highway 018Mountain Meadows Historic Site
Fort PearceEast Vermillion AvenueSt. GeorgeNational1975001834VermillionFort Pearce
Hurricane Canal35 West State StreetHurricaneNational1977001324State W 0035Hurricane Canal
St. George TempleBounded by 200 East, 300 East, 400 South, and 500 SouthSt. GeorgeNational1977001325S 0200 ESt. George Temple
Cable Mountain Draw WorksCable Mountain TrailZion National ParkNational1978000281Zion 18Cable Mountain Draw Works
Blake HouseManzanita Road Near Yarrow WayBloomingtonNational1978002709ManzanitaBlake House
Judd House269 South 200 EastSt. GeorgeNational1978002710S 0200 E 0269Judd House
Covington House200 North 200 EastWashingtonNational1978002711N 0200 E 0200Covington House
Fort Harmony SiteSouth 2900 EastNew HarmonyNational1979003493S 2900 EFort Harmony Site
Main Building of Dixie College86 South Main StreetSt. GeorgeNational1980003988Main S 0086Main Building of Dixie College
Woodward School100 West and Tabernacle StreetsSt. GeorgeNational1980003989100 WWoodward School
Naegle WinerySouth Toquer BoulevardToquervilleNational1980003990Toquer SNaegle Winery
Washington Relief Society Hall100 West and Telegraph StreetsWashingtonNational1980003991100 WWashington Relief Society Hall
Washington SchoolMain and Telegraph StreetsWashingtonNational1980003992MainWashington School
Zion Lodge Historic DistrictZion Canyon RoadZion National ParkNational1982001718Zion 11Zion Lodge Historic District
Forsyth HouseAddress UnknownToquervilleNational1982004184Forsyth House
Pratt House76 West Tabernacle StreetSt. GeorgeNational1983003199Tabernacle W 0076Pratt House
Butler House168 South 300 WestSt. GeorgeNational1984002433S 0300 W 0168Butler House
Leeds Tithing OfficeMain and Center StreetsLeedsNational1985000291MainLeeds Tithing Office
St. George Elementary School120 South 100 WestSt. GeorgeNational1985000820S 0100 W 0120St. George Elementary School
Grotto Camping Ground South Comfort StationGrotto Picnic AreaZion National ParkNational1986003704Zion 15Grotto Camping Ground South Comfort Station
Grotto Camping Ground North Comfort StationGrotto Picnic AreaZion National ParkNational1986003705Zion 16Grotto Camping Ground North Comfort Station
Oak Creek Historic DistrictOak Creek Drive Along Bank of Oak CreekZion National ParkNational1986003706Zion 06Oak Creek Historic District
Angels Landing Trail-West Rim TrailWest of Virgin River North of Zion LodgeZion National ParkNational1986003707Zion 20Angels Landing Trail-West Rim Trail
South Campground Comfort StationSouth Campground at N end of campsite loopZion National ParkNational1986003708Zion 02South Campground Comfort Station
Zion-Mount Carmel HighwayHighway 9Zion National ParkNational1986003709Zion 22Zion-Mount Carmel Highway
East Entrance SignState Route 9 at East Entrance to ParkZion National ParkNational1986003710Zion 26East Entrance Sign
East Entrance Checking StationState Route 9 at East Entrance to ParkZion National ParkNational1986003711Zion 25East Entrance Checking Station
East Entrance ResidenceState Route 9 at East Entrance to ParkZion National ParkNational1986003712Zion 27East Entrance Residence
South Entrance SignUtah Highway 9 at South Entrance to ParkZion National ParkNational1986003713Zion 01South Entrance Sign
South Campground AmphitheaterLion BoulevardZion National ParkNational1986003717Zion 03South Campground Amphitheater
Zion Nature Center - Zion InnNorth of South Campground FacilitiesZion National ParkNational1986003719Zion 04Zion Nature Center - Zion Inn
Museum-Grotto ResidenceSoutheast of Grotto Picnic AreaZion National ParkNational1986003721Zion 14Museum-Grotto Residence
Canyon Overlook TrailState Route 9 at East End of Zion-Mt. Carmel TunnelZion National ParkNational1986003722Zion 23Canyon Overlook Trail
East Rim TrailBetween Weeping Rock Parking Area and Observation PointZion National ParkNational1986003723Zion 24East Rim Trail
Emerald Pools TrailWest of Zion LodgeZion National ParkNational1986003725Zion 12AEmerald Pools Trail
Gateway to the Narrows TrailTemple of Sinawava, End of Zion Canyon Scenic Drive to Point One Mile North on Virgin RiverZion National ParkNational1986003726Zion 21Gateway to the Narrows Trail
Hidden Canyon TrailHidden Canyon Junction. on East Rim Trail to Mouth of Hidden CanyonZion National ParkNational1986003731Zion 17Hidden Canyon Trail
Crawford Irrigation CanalNear Park HeadquartersZion National ParkNational1986003732Zion 05Crawford Irrigation Canal
Pine Creek Irrigation CanalEast Bank of Virgin River Quarter Mile North of Virgin River Bridge to Southwest End of Watchman Residential LoopZion National ParkNational1986003734Zion 09Pine Creek Irrigation Canal
Pine Creek Residential Historic DistrictWest Utah Highway 9, 500 Feet South of Virgin River BridgeZion National ParkNational1986003736Zion 08Pine Creek Residential Historic District
Oak Creek Irrigation CanalWest of Virgin River 1/8 Miles North of Virgin River Bridge to the North side of Watchman Campground Entrance RoadZion National ParkNational1986003738Zion 07Oak Creek Irrigation Canal
Grotto Trail120 Feet North of Zion Lodge Extending South .2 Mile Parallel to East Side of Zion Canyon Scenic DriveZion National ParkNational1986003914Zion 13Grotto Trail
Steele House263 North Toquer BoulevardToquervilleNational1988000401Toquer N 0263Steele House
Santa Clara Hydroelectric Power Plants Historic DistrictCounty Road 3184Gunlock State ParkNational1989000281CR 3184Santa Clara Hydroelectric Power Plants Historic District
St. George Social Hall212 North Main StreetSt. GeorgeNational1991000360Main N 0212St. George Social Hall
Bradshaw House-Hotel85 South Main StreetHurricaneNational1991001443Main S 0085Bradshaw House-Hotel
Hurricane Library - City Hall35 West State StreetHurricaneNational1991001444State W 0035Hurricane Library - City Hall
Stanworth House198 South Main StreetHurricaneNational1992001692Main S 0198Stanworth House
Leeds CCC Camp Historic District96 West Mulberry StreetLeedsNational1993000062Mulberry W 0096Leeds CCC Camp Historic District
Isom House188 South 100 WestHurricaneNational1993000063S 0100 W 0188Isom House
Enterprise Meetinghouse24 South Center StreetEnterpriseNational1993000410Center S 0024Enterprise Meetinghouse
Santa Clara Relief Society House3036 West Santa Clara DriveSanta ClaraNational1993001577Santa Clara 3036Santa Clara Relief Society House
Hurricane - LaVerkin BridgeEnchanted Way Over Virgin RiverHurricaneNational1995000413Enchanted WayHurricane - LaVerkin Bridge
Hurricane Historic DistrictRoughly bounded by 300 South, 200 West, State Street and the Hurricane CanalHurricaneNational19950009800300 SHurricane Historic District
Rockville BridgeSouth 200 East Street Over East Fork of Virgin RiverRockvilleNational1995000982S 0200 ERockville Bridge
Floor of the Valley RoadFrom Junction With Zion-Mt. Carmel Highway Along the North Fork of Virgin RiverZion National ParkNational1996000048Zion 10Floor of the Valley Road
Cable Creek BridgeFloor of the Valley Road at Milepost 4.48Zion National ParkNational1996000053Zion 19Cable Creek Bridge
Reber (Frederick and Anna Maria) House2988-2990 Santa Clara DriveSanta ClaraNational1998001448Santa Clara 2988Reber (Frederick and Anna Maria) House
Santa Clara Tithing Company3105 Santa Clara DriveSanta ClaraNational1998001460Santa Clara 3105Santa Clara Tithing Company
Graff House2865 Santa Clara DriveSanta ClaraNational1998001461Santa Clara 2865Graff House
Hafen House3003 Santa Clara DriveSanta ClaraNational1998001462Santa Clara 3003Hafen House
Reber (Frederick, Jr., and Mary F.) House3334 Hamblin DriveSanta ClaraNational1999000214Hamblin 3334Reber (Frederick, Jr., and Mary F.) House
Leavitt House1408 Quail StreetSanta ClaraNational1999000215Quail 1408Leavitt House
Grafton Historic DistrictGraftonGraftonNational1999001007GraftonGrafton Historic District
Jepson House15 East 130 SouthVirginNational2000000732E 0130 S 0015Jepson House
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