Historic Sites and Points of Interest in Utah County

Name Address City Year Authority ID Sort Address Sort Name
Charcoal KilnsHighway 6EurekaNational1971000857Highway 006Charcoal Kilns
Santaquin Junior High School75 West 100 SouthSantaquinNational1972001261Santaquin Junior High School
Lime KilnsHighway 6EurekaNational1972001262Highway 006Lime Kilns
Water Lily ShaftElberta Slant RoadEurekaNational1974001939ElbertaWater Lily Shaft
Payson Presbyterian Church160 South MainPaysonNational1975001829Main S 0160Payson Presbyterian Church
Peteetneet School50 North 500 EastPaysonNational197500183000500 E N 0050Peteetneet School
Douglass House215 North Main StreetPaysonNational1975001831Main N 0215Douglass House
Dixon (John) House218 North Main StreetPaysonNational1976001839Main N 0218Dixon (John) House
Dixon (Christopher) House248 North Main StreetPaysonNational1977001319Main N 0248Dixon (Christopher) House
Gardner (Ira) House10 North Main StreetSalemNational1977001320Main N 0010Gardner (Ira) House
Spanish Fork High School Gymnasium300 South Main StreetSpanish ForkNational1977001321Main S 0300Spanish Fork High School Gymnasium
Jones House143 South MainSpanish ForkNational1977001322Main S 0143Jones House
Bird House115 South Main StreetMapletonNational1977001323Main S 0115Bird House
Hafen House956 South Main StreetSpringvilleNational1978002700Main S 0956Hafen House
Ward House511 S Main StreetSpringvilleNational1978002701Main S 0511Ward House
Springville High School Mechanical Arts Building443 South 200 EastSpringvilleNational197800270200200 E S 0443Springville High School Mechanical Arts Building
Springville High School Art Gallery126 East Four Hundred SSpringvilleNational197800270300400 S E 0126Springville High School Art Gallery
Wood-Harrison House310 South 300 WestSpringvilleNational197900251300300 W S 0310Wood-Harrison House
Bringhurst House306 South 200 WestSpringvilleNational197900251500200 W S 0306Bringhurst House
Strang House306 S 200 WSpringvilleNational197900251800200 W S 0306Strang House
Caffrey and Davis Furniture Company - Senior Hotel296 South Main StreetSpringvilleNational1979003483Main S 0296Caffrey and Davis Furniture Company - Senior Hotel
Dallin House253 South 300 EastSpringvilleNational197900348400300 E E 0253Dallin House
Springville Presbyterian Church251 South 200 EastSpringvilleNational197900348700200 E S 0251Springville Presbyterian Church
Yard - Groesbeck House157 W 200 SSpringvilleNational197900348900200 S W 0157Yard - Groesbeck House
Reynolds (John) House101 East 200 SouthSpringvilleNational197900349000200 S E 0101Reynolds (John) House
Kelly House164 West 200 SouthSpringvilleNational197900349100200 S W 164Kelly House
Reynolds, House270 W 200 SSpringvilleNational198000397500200 S W 0270Reynolds, House
Johnson - Kearns Hotel94 W 200 SSpringvilleNational198000397700200 S W 0094Johnson - Kearns Hotel
Meneray House190 S 200 WSpringvilleNational198000397800200 W S 0190Meneray House
Springville Carnegie Library175 South Main StreetSpringvilleNational1980003979Main S 0175Springville Carnegie Library
Packard, Milan and Margaret, House110 W 100 SSpringvilleNational198000398000100 S W 0110Packard, Milan and Margaret, House
Crandall Houses112 and 136 East 200 NorthSpringvilleNational198000398100200 N E 0112Crandall Houses
Kindred House188 W CenterSpringvilleNational1980003983Center W 0188Kindred House
Dunn House145 North Main StreetSpringvilleNational1982001759Main N 0145Dunn House
Deal House39 East 200 NorthSpringvilleNational198200176000200 N E 0039Deal House
Deal - Mendenhall Hall163 East 200 NorthSpringvilleNational198200416700200 N E 0163Deal - Mendenhall Hall
Springville Historic DistrictBounded by Main, 400 North, 400 East, 800 South, 400 South and 400 WestSpringvilleNational1982004168MainSpringville Historic District
Oakley House219 E 400 NSpringvilleNational198200416900400 N E 0219Oakley House
Johnson (Mont) House153 East 400 NorthSpringvilleNational198200417000400 N E 0152Johnson (Mont) House
Provo Canyon Guard QuartersHighway 189ProvoNational1982004171Highway 189Provo Canyon Guard Quarters
Startup Candy Factory534 South 100 WestProvoNational198200417200100 W S 0534Startup Candy Factory
Ray House415 South UniversityProvoNational1982004173University S 0415Ray House
Johnson - Hansen House485 East 400 SouthProvoNational198200417400400 S E 0485Johnson - Hansen House
Eggertsen House390 South 500 WestProvoNational198200417500500 W S 0390Eggertsen House
Alexander House91 West 200 SouthProvoNational198200417600200 S W 0091Alexander House
Maeser School150 South 500 EastProvoNational198200417700500 E S 0150Maeser School
Hines Mansion125 South 400 WestProvoNational198200417800400 W S 0125Hines Mansion
Beebe House489 West 100 SouthProvoNational198200417900100 S W 0489Beebe House
Provo East Central Historic DistrictRoughly bounded by 100 East, 600 East, 500 North and 500 SouthProvoNational198200418000100 EProvo East Central Historic District
Smoot House183 East 100 SouthProvoNational198200418100100 S E 0183Smoot House
Provo Tabernacle50 South University AvenueProvoNational1982004182University S 0050Provo Tabernacle
Olmsted Station Powerhouse5 mi. N of Provo on U.South 189ProvoNational1983003195Highway 189Olmsted Station Powerhouse
Recreation Center for the Utah State Hospital1300 East CenterProvoNational1983003196Center E 1300Recreation Center for the Utah State Hospital
Knight-Allen House390 East Center StreetProvoNational1983003197Ceter E 0390Knight-Allen House
Knight-Mangum House318 East Carter StreetProvoNational1983003198Carter E 0318Knight-Mangum House
Provo Downtown Historic DistrictCenter Street and University AvenueProvoNational1983003972CenterProvo Downtown Historic District
Superintendent's Residence at the Utah State Hospital1079 East CenterProvoNational1983003973Cenetr E 1079Superintendent's Residence at the Utah State Hospital
Knight House185 East Center StreetProvoNational1983004185Center E 0185Knight House
Smith (Hannah)House315 East Center StreetProvoNational1984000164Center E 0315Smith (Hannah)House
Provo West Co-op450 West Center StreetProvoNational1984002427Center W 0450Provo West Co-op
Knight Block1-13 East Center Street, 20-24 North University AvenueProvoNational1984002428UniversityKnight Block
Lewis Terrace68-82 North 700 EastProvoNational198400242900700 E N 0068Lewis Terrace
Brown House284 East 100 NorthProvoNational198400243000100 N E 0284Brown House
Silver Row621-645 West 100 NorthProvoNational198500028800100 N W 0621Silver Row
Twelves House287 East 100 NorthProvoNational198500028900100 N E 0287Twelves House
Provo Third Ward Chapel and Amusement Hall105 North 500 WestProvoNational198500081600500 W N 0105Provo Third Ward Chapel and Amusement Hall
Cluff House174 North 100 EastProvoNational198500081700100 E N 0174Cluff House
Taylor (George) House187 North 400 WestProvoNational198500081900400 W N 0187Taylor (George) House
Allen House and Carriage House135 East 200 NorthProvoNational198500139100200 N E 0135Allen House and Carriage House
Roberts House212 North 500 WestProvoNational198500139300500 W N 0212Roberts House
Davies House388 West 300 NorthProvoNational198500339200300 N W 0388Davies House
Clark-Taylor House306 North 500 WestProvoNational198600061000500 W N 0306Clark-Taylor House
Taylor (Thomas) House342 North 500 WestProvoNational198600061100500 W N 0342Taylor (Thomas) House
Frisby House209 East 400 WestProvoNational198600074600400 W E 0209Frisby House
Booth House59 West 500 NorthProvoNational198600074800500 N W 0059Booth House
Brigham Young AcademyUniversity Avenue,5th and 6th North, 1st EastProvoNational1986000750UniversityBrigham Young Academy
Wentz House575 North University AvenueProvoNational1986001291University N 0575Wentz House
Camp Floyd State Historical SiteCedar Valley RoadFairfieldNational1987000825CedarCamp Floyd State Historical Site
Davis - Ercanbrack Farmstead2044 South Main StreetOremNational1987000826Main S 2044Davis - Ercanbrack Farmstead
Lakeview Tithing OfficeHighway 114ProvoNational1987000827Highway 114Lakeview Tithing Office
Stewart - Hills House275 East 2000 SouthOremNational198700082802000 S E 0275Stewart - Hills House
Stagecoach InnNorth 18040 West and West 1500 NorthFairfieldNational198700082918040 W N Stagecoach Inn
Davis House1888 South Main StreetOremNational1987000831Main S 1888Davis House
Gappmayer House95 East 1200 SouthOremNational198700083201200 S E 0095Gappmayer House
Christeele Acres Historic DistrictBounded by State, 900 South, 450 East, 1010 SouthOremNational1987000833StateChristeele Acres Historic District
Carter - Terry - Call House815 East 800 SouthOremNational198700083400800 S E 0815Carter - Terry - Call House
Skinner House232 West 800 SouthOremNational198700099200800 S W 0232Skinner House
Lewis (John) House343 East 720 SouthOremNational198700117800720 S E 0343Lewis (John) House
Clinger - Booth House468 South Main StreetOremNational1989000278Main S 0468Clinger - Booth House
Cordner (William) House440 South State StreetOremNational1990000794State S 0440Cordner (William) House
Olsen House417 South 800 EastOremNational199000114200800 E S 0417Olsen House
Cordner (Alexander) House415 South 400 EastOremNational199100182000400 E S 0415Cordner (Alexander) House
Cordner - Calder House305 South 900 EastOremNational199100182100900 E S 0305Cordner - Calder House
Knight - Finch House212 South State StreetOremNational1992000101State S 0212Knight - Finch House
Bunnell House970 South 800 WestOremNational199200105900800 W S 0296Bunnell House
Jensen House87 North 800 WestOremNational199200168900800 W N 0087Jensen House
McBride - Sims Garage600 North State StreetOremNational1993000064State N 0600McBride - Sims Garage
Washburn House753 North 100 WestOremNational199300006500100 W N 0753Washburn House
Dimick House575 West 800 NorthOremNational19930004150800 N W 0575Dimick House
Cullimore House396 West 1600 NorthOremNational199400029601600 N W 0396Cullimore House
Baxter House206 West 1600 NorthOremNational199400029701600 N W 0206Baxter House
Cedar Fort School40 East Center StreetCedar FortNational1994000298Center E 0040Cedar Fort School
Harper House125 West 400 NorthLindonNational199400029900400 W N 0125Harper House
Olpin House510 Locust AvenuePleasant GroveNational1994000346Locust 510Olpin House
Pleasant Grove Historic DistrictRoughly bounded by 100 North, 500 South, 300 East and 100 WestPleasant GroveNational199400053500100 NPleasant Grove Historic District
Pleasant Grove Town Hall107 South 100 EastPleasant GroveNational199400053600100 E S 0107Pleasant Grove Town Hall
Pleasant Grove School65 South 100 EastPleasant GroveNational199400120600100 E S 0065Pleasant Grove School
Larsen (Neils) House1146 North 100 EastPleasant GroveNational199400120700100 E N 1146Larsen (Neils) House
White House599 East One Hundred SPleasant GroveNational199400134600100 S E 559White House
Green House264 East 200 SouthPleasant GroveNational199400156300200 S E 0264Green House
Adams House625 East 200 SouthPleasant GroveNational199500143400200 S E 0625Adams House
Fugal Dugout House630 North 400 EastPleasant GroveNational199600117100400 E N 0630Fugal Dugout House
Richins House405 North Five Hundred EPleasant GroveNational199700156700500 E N 0405Richins House
Young House550 East Five Hundred NPleasant GroveNational199700156800500 N E 0550Young House
Ashton - Driggs House119 East Battlecreek RoadPleasant GroveNational1997001569BattlecreekAshton - Driggs House
Pleasant Grove Tithing Office7 South 300 EastPleasant GroveNational199700157000300 E S 0007Pleasant Grove Tithing Office
Beers House - Hotel65 North 100 EastPleasant GroveNational199700157100100 E N 0065Beers House - Hotel
Fugal Blacksmith Shop680 North 400 EastPleasant GroveNational199700157300400 E N 0680Fugal Blacksmith Shop
Larsen (Christen) House990 North 400 EastPleasant GroveNational199700157400400 E N 0990Larsen (Christen) House
American Fork Historic District100 South from 300 West to 200 EastAmerican ForkNational199700157500100 SAmerican Fork Historic District
Johnson (Peter) House1075 North 100 EastPleasant GroveNational199700157600100 E N 1075Johnson (Peter) House
American Fork Second Ward Meetinghouse130 West 100 SouthAmerican ForkNational199700157700100 S W 0130American Fork Second Ward Meetinghouse
Goode House1215 East Main StreetAmerican ForkNational1997001578Main E 1215Goode House
Smith (Warren) House589 East Main StreetAmerican ForkNational1997001579Main E 0589Smith (Warren) House
Chipman (Delbert) House317 East Main StreetAmerican ForkNational1997001580Main E 0317Chipman (Delbert) House
Bank of American Fork5 East Main StreetAmerican ForkNational1997001581Main E 0005Bank of American Fork
American Fork City Hall31 Church StreetAmerican ForkNational1998000281Church 0031American Fork City Hall
Harrington Elementary School50 North Center StreetAmerican ForkNational1998000638Center N 0050Harrington Elementary School
Veterans Memorial Building53 North CenterAmerican ForkNational1998000642Center N 053Veterans Memorial Building
American Fork Presbyterian Church75 North 100 EastAmerican ForkNational199800064300100 E N 0075American Fork Presbyterian Church
American Fork Third Ward Meetinghouse190 West 300 NorthAmerican ForkNational199800064700300 N W 0190American Fork Third Ward Meetinghouse
Knudsen House123 South Center StreetLehiNational1998000648Cenetr S 0123Knudsen House
Merrihew Drugstore1st West and Main StreetsLehiNational1998000649MainMerrihew Drugstore
Lehi Roller Mills700 East Main StreetLehiNational1998000653Main E 0700Lehi Roller Mills
Lehi Main Street Historic DistrictMain Street Between 200 West and Center and 51 North CenterLehiNational1998000658MainLehi Main Street Historic District
Lehi City Hall51 North Center StreetLehiNational1998000660Center N 0051Lehi City Hall
American Fork Cemetery Rock Wall600 North 100 EastAmerican ForkNational199800066200100 E N 0600American Fork Cemetery Rock Wall
Wadley House2445 North Canyon RoadPleasant GroveNational1998000664North CanyonWadley House
Gardner (James) House187 East 300 NorthLehiNational199800066900300 N E 0187Gardner (James) House
Webb House388 North 200 EastLehiNational199800067100200 E N 0388Webb House
Austin House427 East 500 NorthLehiNational199800067200500 N E 0427Austin House
Smith (John) House518 North 100 EastLehiNational199800067300100 E N 0318Smith (John) House
Utah State Training School Amphitheater and WallN 800 E at E 700 NAmerican ForkNational199800121300800 E NUtah State Training School Amphitheater and Wall
Eddington House617 North 100 EastlehiNational199800144700100 E N 0617Eddington House
Lehi Ward Tithing Barn - Centennial Hall651 North 200 East (Rear)LehiNational199800145000200 E N 0651Lehi Ward Tithing Barn - Centennial Hall
Lehi Commercial and Savings Bank - Lehi Hospital206 East State StreetLehiNational1998001451State E 0206Lehi Commercial and Savings Bank - Lehi Hospital
Cutler Mansion150 East State StreetLehiNational1998001452State E 0150Cutler Mansion
People's Co-op Building151 East State StreetLehiNational1998001453State E 0151People's Co-op Building
Utah Southern Railroad DepotN 200 E and E 650 NLehiNational199800145400200 E NUtah Southern Railroad Depot
Camp Williams Hostess House/Officers' ClubHighway 68Camp W. G. WilliamsNational1998001456Highway 068Camp Williams Hostess House/Officers' Club
Upper American Fork Hydroelectric Power Plant Historic DistrictAmerican Fork Canyon RoadUinta National ForestNational1998001457AmericanUpper American Fork Hydroelectric Power Plant Historic District
Alpine City Hall20 North Main StreetAlpineNational1998001458Main N 0020Alpine City Hall
Alpine LDS Church Meetinghouse50 North MainAlpineNational1998001459Main N 0050Alpine LDS Church Meetinghouse
Moyle House and Indian Tower606 East 770 NorthAlpineNational199800153700770 N E 0606Moyle House and Indian Tower
Dunn-Binnall House & Farmstead352 North 200 EastAmerican ForkNational199900162600200 E N 0352Dunn-Binnall House & Farmstead
Chipman House846 East 300 NorthAmerican ForkNational199900162700300 N E 0846Chipman House
Timpanogos Cave Historic DistrictAmerican Fork Canyon RoadUinta National ForestNational1999001628Highway 0080Timpanogos Cave Historic District
Timpanogos Cooperative Marketing Association Building380 South Orem BoulevardOremNational1999001629Orem S 0380Timpanogos Cooperative Marketing Association Building
Goodwin House80 West 400 NorthLehiNational200000035700400 N W 0080Goodwin House
Adams House196 West 400 SouthOremNational200200155400400 S W 0196Adams House
Fairfield District School59 North Church StreetFairfieldNational2003000157Church N 0059Fairfield District School
Beck No. 2 MineElberta Slant RoadEurekaNational2003001483ElbertaBeck No. 2 Mine
Yankee HeadframeBurristan Pass RoadEurekaNational2007000666BurristanYankee Headframe
Morgan HouseHighway 6GoshenNational2008000385Highway 006Morgan House
Eureka Lilly HeadframeMainEurekaNational2009001293MainEureka Lilly Headframe
Tintic Standard Reduction MillSouth State StreetGoshenNational2009001294State STintic Standard Reduction Mill
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