Historic Sites and Points of Interest in Summit County

Name Address City Year Authority ID Sort Address Sort Name
Kimball Stage StopI-80Park CityNational1971000855I-80Kimball Stage Stop
Summit County CourthouseMain StreetCoalvilleNational1978002694MainSummit County Courthouse
Howe Flume Historic DistrictHighway 150 at Bear RiverWasatch National ForestNational1978002695Highway 150Howe Flume Historic District
LDS Park City Meetinghouse424 Park AvenuePark CityNational1978002696Park 0424LDS Park City Meetinghouse
Park City Miner's HospitalRoute 97Park CityNational1978002697Route 097Park City Miner's Hospital
Washington School541 Park AvenuePark CityNational1978002699Park 0541Washington School
Park City Main Street Historic DistrictMain StreetPark CityNational1979002511MainPark City Main Street Historic District
St. Mary Of The Assumption Church and School121 Park AvenuePark CityNational1979002512Park 0121St. Mary Of The Assumption Church and School
Park City Community Church402 Park AvenuePark CityNational1980003970Park 0402Park City Community Church
St. Luke's Episcopal Church523 Park AvenuePark CityNational1980003971Park 0523St. Luke's Episcopal Church
Allen House98 North Main StreetCoalvilleNational1982004161MainAllen House
Boyden, John, House47 West Center StreetCoalvilleNational1982004162CenterBoyden, John, House
Hoyt HouseOff I-80HoytsvilleNational1982004163I-80Hoyt House
Myrick HouseNorth State Road 32KamasNational1982004164Route 032Myrick House
Lyons HouseWoodenshoe RoadPeoaNational1983003192WoodenshoeLyons House
Bogan Boarding House221 Main StreetPark CityNational1984000154Main 221Bogan Boarding House
Diem House401 Park AvenuePark CityNational1984000155Park 0401Diem House
House at 101 Prospect Street101 Prospect StreetPark CityNational1984000156Prospect 101House at 101 Prospect Street
Rowe House150 Main StreetPark CityNational1984000158Main 150Rowe House
Whitehead House937 Park AvenuePark CityNational1984000160Park 0937Whitehead House
Birch HouseOff I-80HoytsvilleNational1984000163I-80Birch House
Austin House247 Ontario AvenuePark CityNational1984002226Ontario 247Austin House
Barnes House413 Ontario AvenuePark CityNational1984002230Ontario 413Barnes House
Barrett House36 Prospect AvenuePark CityNational1984002238Prospect 036Barrett House
Barry House250 Grant AvenuePark CityNational1984002239Grant 250Barry House
Beggs House703 Park AvenuePark CityNational1984002240Park 0703Beggs House
Brown House713 Woodside AvenuePark CityNational1984002241Woodside 0713Brown House
Buck, John W., House1110 Woodside AvenuePark CityNational1984002242Woodside 1110Buck, John W., House
Campbell House164 Norfolk StreetPark CityNational1984002243Norfolk 164Campbell House
Carling House660 Rossie Hill Dr.Park CityNational1984002244Rossie 660Carling House
Cassidy House33 King RoadPark CityNational1984002245King 33Cassidy House
Cavanaugh House564 Woodside AvenuePark CityNational1984002246Woodside 0564Cavanaugh House
Clark House1135 Park AvenuePark CityNational1984002247Park 1135Clark House
Condon House1304 Park AvenuePark CityNational1984002248Park 1304Condon House
Cunningham (John) House606 Park AvenuePark CityNational1984002249Park 0606Cunningham (John) House
Cunningham (Thomas) House139 Main StreetPark CityNational1984002250Main 139Cunningham (Thomas) House
Durkin Boarding House176 Main StreetPark CityNational1984002253Main 176Durkin Boarding House
Durkin House22 Prospect AvenuePark CityNational1984002262Prospect 022Durkin House
Farthelos House1150 Park AvenuePark CityNational1984002267Park 1150Farthelos House
Frkovich House162 Daly AvenuePark CityNational1984002270Daly 162Frkovich House
Gray House355 Ontario AvenuePark CityNational1984002272Ontario 355Gray House
Hansen House1025 Park AvenuePark CityNational1984002274Park 1025Hansen House
Harris (Joseph) House959 Park AvenuePark CityNational1984002277Park 0959Harris (Joseph) House
Harris (William) House39 King RoadPark CityNational1984002279King 39Harris (William) House
Haumann House939 Empire AvenuePark CityNational1984002281Empire 939Haumann House
Hinsdill House662 Norfolk StreetPark CityNational1984002283Norfolk 662Hinsdill House
Holman House307 Norfolk StreetPark CityNational1984002290Norfolk 307Holman House
House at 1101 Norfolk Avenue1101 Norfolk AvenuePark CityNational1984002294Norfolk 999House at 1101 Norfolk Avenue
House at 343 Park Avenue343 Park AvenuePark CityNational1984002297Park 0343House at 343 Park Avenue
House at 555 Deer Valley Road555 Deer Valley RoadPark CityNational1984002299Deer Valley 555House at 555 Deer Valley Road
House at 577 Deer Valley Road577 Deer Valley RoadPark CityNational1984002301Deer Valley 577House at 577 Deer Valley Road
House at 62 Daly Avenue62 Daly AvenuePark CityNational1984002304Daly 062House at 62 Daly Avenue
House at 622 Rossie Hill Drive622 Rossie Hill Dr.Park CityNational1984002308Rossie 622House at 622 Rossie Hill Drive
IOOF Relief Home232 Woodside AvenuePark CityNational1984002311Woodside 0232IOOF Relief Home
Jenkins House27 Prospect AvenuePark CityNational1984002315Prospect 027Jenkins House
Johnson House147 Grant AvenuePark CityNational1984002318Grant 147Johnson House
Jones House412 Marsac AvenuePark CityNational1984002322Marsac 412Jones House
Kimball (Burt) House817 Park AvenuePark CityNational1984002325Park 0817Kimball (Burt) House
Kimball (Ernest) House911 Empire AvenuePark CityNational1984002329Empire 911Kimball (Ernest) House
Lindorff House40 Sampson AvenuePark CityNational1984002331Sampson 40Lindorff House
Meadowcroft House951 Woodside AvenuePark CityNational1984002333Woodside 0951Meadowcroft House
Mitchell HouseUS 189 and UT 35FrancisNational1984002336Route 189Mitchell House
Morgan House1027 Woodside AvenuePark CityNational1984002338Woodside 1027Morgan House
Murdock House652 Rossie Hill Dr.Park CityNational1984002340Rossie 652Murdock House
Murray House44 Chambers AvenuePark CityNational1984002343ChambersMurray House
Raddon (LaPage) House817 Woodside AvenuePark CityNational1984002345Woodside 0817Raddon (LaPage) House
Raddon (Samuel) House325 Park AvenuePark CityNational1984002349Park 0325Raddon (Samuel) House
Richardson House245 Park AvenuePark CityNational1984002354Park 0245Richardson House
Snyder House1010 Woodside AvenuePark CityNational1984002356Woodside 1010Snyder House
Streeter House335 Ontario AvenuePark CityNational1984002357Ontario 335Streeter House
Sullivan House146 Main StreetPark CityNational1984002360Main 146Sullivan House
Sutton House713 Norfolk StreetPark CityNational1984002362Norfolk 913Sutton House
Thomas House445 Park AvenuePark CityNational1984002363Park 0445Thomas House
Tretheway, William, House335 Woodside AvenuePark CityNational1984002364Woodside 0335Tretheway, William, House
Urie House157 Park AvenuePark CityNational1984002366Park 0157Urie House
Walker House1119 Park AvenuePark CityNational1984002368Park 1119Walker House
Watson (Irinda) House610 Park AvenuePark CityNational1984002370Park 0610Watson (Irinda) House
Welch-Sherman House59 Prospect AvenuePark CityNational1984002372Prospect 059Welch-Sherman House
Wells House1103 Woodside AvenuePark CityNational1984002375Woodside 1103Wells House
Wilcocks House363 Park AvenuePark CityNational1984002378Park 0363Wilcocks House
Wilkinson-Hawkinson House39 Sampson AvenuePark CityNational1984002418Sampson 39Wilkinson-Hawkinson House
Williams (Nathaniel) House945 Norfolk AvenuePark CityNational1984002419Norfolk 945Williams (Nathaniel) House
Williams (Reese) House421 Park AvenuePark CityNational1984002420Park 0421Williams (Reese) House
Willis House1062 Park AvenuePark CityNational1984002421Park 1062Willis House
Wilson-Shields House139 Park AvenuePark CityNational1984002422Park 0139Wilson-Shields House
Weeter House843 NorfolkPark CityNational1984004002Norfolk 843Weeter House
Marsac Elementary School431 MarsacPark CityNational1985000815Marsac 431Marsac Elementary School
Hewlett Ranch HouseRoute 35Wasatch National ForestNational1985001133Route 035Hewlett Ranch House
Doyle House339 Park AvenuePark CityNational1986000162Park 0339Doyle House
Ecker Hill Ski JumpPinebrook RoadSyndervilleNational1986001251PinebrookEcker Hill Ski Jump
Rogers House455 Park AvenuePark CityNational1988000386Park 0455Rogers House
Echo Church and SchoolTemple Ln.EchoNational1988003000TempleEcho Church and School
Bardsley House517 Park AvenuePark CityNational1994000531Park 0517Bardsley House
Union Pacific Park City Branch Railroad GradeRR grade parallel to I-80 from Echo to Park CityEchoNational1996000413I-80Union Pacific Park City Branch Railroad Grade
Glenwood CemeterySilver King DrivePark CityNational1996000436Silver KingGlenwood Cemetery
Park City High School Mechanical Arts Building1167 WoodsidePark CityNational1996001324Woodside 1167Park City High School Mechanical Arts Building
Grix CabinHighway 150 at Trial LakeWasatch National ForestNational1997000226Highway 150Grix Cabin
Echo School3441 S. Echo RoadEchoNational1997000805Echo 3442Echo School
St. John's Swedish Lutheran Church323 Park AvenuePark CityNational1999000217Park 0323St. John's Swedish Lutheran Church
House at 463 Park Ave.463 Park AvenuePark CityNational1999000620Park 0463House at 463 Park Ave.
Beech House47 West 50 SouthCoalvilleNational20010009580050 S W 047Beech House
Watson (Patrick) House962 Norfolk AvenuePark CityNational2002000504Norfolk 962Watson (Patrick) House
McPolin FarmsteadRoute 224Park CityNational2003000155Route 224McPolin Farmstead
Echo Post Office3455 South Echo RoadEchoNational2003000159Echo 3455Echo Post Office
Maycock CabinHighway 150 at Trial LakeWasatch National ForestNational2005000187Highway 150Maycock Cabin
Boyden Block2 S. Main St.CoalvilleNational2009000019Main S 002Boyden Block
O'Mahony Dining Car No. 1107981 W. Weber Canyon Rd.OakleyNational2009000639O'Mahony Dining Car No. 1107
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