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Roberts Ferry Bridge Over Tuolumne River, California 28 October 2012
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Roberts Ferry Bridge
Roberts Ferry Road Over Tuolumne River
West of Turlock Lake State Park
Built 1915
Rehabilitated 1969
Replaced 2000

The Roberts Ferry Bridge over the Tuolumne River has a span of approximately two hundred feet.

The original metal truss bridge was replaced in 2000 by a concrete bridge tricked out with a non-structural wooden roof.

Anonymous the Athenian observed on

I have seen this before. We used this before. We defeated the Trojans by hiding in a wooden horse. Granted we were able to disguise ourselves perfectly while in Troy for the evening. Nobody ever guessed that we had a group of brave men inside that horse.

Unfortunately, everybody in California will see that there is a UCEB hidden in this wooden cover. Sorry CalTrans, but you need to consult the Athenians before you try to hide things in wooden frames.

Webmaster note: UCEB = Ugly Concrete Eyesore Bridge

Two nearby truss bridges over the Tuolumne River have been preserved as pedestrian bridges: The Old Basso Bridge and the Old La Grange Bridge.

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