California Historical Landmarks in Sonoma County

California Historical Landmark 981
Icaria-Speranza Utopian Commune
West Side of Asti Road, 1.68 Miles North of Asti Post Office Road
South of Cloverdale
Period 1881-1886

California Historical Landmark #981: Icaria-Speranza Utopian Commune
  California Historical Landmark #981: Icaria-Speranza Utopian Commune
4 June 2004
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Icaria-Speranza Utopian Colony

Icaria-Speranza was a Utopian community based on the writings of French philosopher Etienne Cabet. In 1881, at Cloverdale, French immigrant families led by the Dehay and Leroux families began their social experiment in cooperative living based on solidarity and depending on an agrarian economy. It lasted until 1886. Icaria-Speranza was the only Icarian Colony in California and the last of seven established throughout the United States. On this site stood the Icarian schoolhouse, deeded to the county in 1886.

California Registered Historical Landmark No. 981

Plaque placed by the State Department of Parks and Recreation in cooperation with the National Icarian Heritage Society and the Cloverdale Historical Society, July 22, 1989.

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