California Historical Landmarks in Sonoma County

California Historical Landmark 893
Walters Ranch Hop Kiln
6050 Westside Road
Built 1905

California Historical Landmark #893: Walters Ranch Hop Kiln
24 May 2005
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Walters Ranch Hop Kiln

This structure served the important hop industry of California's north coast region, once the major hop-growing area in the west. Built in 1905 by a crew of Italian stonemasons, it represents the finest existing example of its type, consisting of three stone kilns for drying hops, a wooden cooler, and a two-story press for baling hops for shipment.

California Registered Historical Landmark No 893

Plaque placed by the State Department of Parks and Recreation in cooperation with Griffin Vineyard, May 1, 1977.

The Walters Ranch Hop Kiln is also National Register Listing #77000351.

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