National Register of Historic Places in Santa Clara County

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National Register #78000780
Hanna-Honeycomb House
737 Frenchmans Road
First building constructed in 1937

This architectural complex is significant because Frank Lloyd Wright used the 120 degree angle of the hexagon form throughout Hanna-Honeycomb House, the first building ever to be designed on this geometric pattern. Since, this geometric pattern has been used in hundreds of buildings.

Wright planned for the buildings to grow and change over time as the family size and the activities of the owners changed. The complete complex was built in four phases, over a period of twenty-five years. However, Wright conceived the entire project and presented plans for all buildings in 1937. During the twenty-five years following, Wright and the Hannas reviewed the original plans and made minor revisions to conform to changing needs and circumstances.

Extracted from the NRHP nomination submitted in the year 1977.

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