National Register of Historic Places in Sacramento County, California

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National Register #91001969
Sacramento Air Depot Historic District
McClellan Air Force Base
North Highlands

This 1,080-acre district has forty-three contributing buildings, seven contributing structures, and one contributing object.

Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
McClellan Mall and FlagpoleB000McClellan Mall and Flagpole
Headquarters Building 1B001Headquarters
HospitalBuilding 3B003Hospital
Fire HouseBuilding 4B004Fire House
BarracksBuilding 10B010Barracks
Quartermaster WarehouseBuilding 20B020Quartermaster Warehouse
Quartermaster Motor PoolBuilding 23B023Quartermaster Motor Pool
Quartermaster Motor ShedsBuildings 24-25B024Quartermaster Motor Sheds
Quartermaster Gas StationBuilding 26B026Quartermaster Gas Station
NCO QuartersBuildings 70-78B070NCO Quarters
Field Officers Quarters Type B.Building 100B100Field Officers Quarters Type B.
Field Officers Quarters Type ABuildings 101-105B101Field Officers Quarters Type A
Company Officers QuartersBuildings 106-113B106Company Officers Quarters
Warehouses and ShopsBuilding 250B250Warehouses and Shops
Engineering Shops and Repair DocksBuilding 251B251Engineering Shops and Repair Docks
Warehouses and ShopsBuilding 262B262Warehouses and Shops
Warehouses and ShopsBuilding 264B264Warehouses and Shops
Warehouses and ShopsBuilding 269B269Warehouses and Shops
Warehouses and ShopsBuilding 271B271Warehouses and Shops
Several Other BuildingsB999Several Other Buildings
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