National Register of Historic Places in Sacramento County, California

National Register #91000297: Isleton Chinese and Japanese Commercial Districts
Chinese Ditrict

Bing Rung Tong Building in Isleton Bing Rung Tong Building

Mei Wah Building in Isleton
Mei Wah Building

National Register #91000297: Isleton Chinese and Japanese Commercial Districts Japanese District

Isleton in the Sacramento River Delta 22 May 2006

National Register #91000297
Isleton Chinese and Japanese Commercial Districts
Bounded by River Road and Union, East and H Streets
Founded 1874

In the 1880s, asparagus became a prime crop in the Sacramento River Delta. In 1929, ten canneries operated between Rio Vista and Courtland. Three of them were in Isleton.

Isleton's Chinatown began in 1878.

The Asian quarter burned down in 1915 but was immediately rebuilt into two separate sections, Chinese and Japanese.

On May 31, 1926, a fire started by a kerosene lamp devastated the entire Asian-American district of six square blocks, destroying 110 buildings. The Asian-American population again rebuilt their town. Some buildings were constructed by Dutch and German carpenters hired by the local lumberyard. Others were built by Chinese American and Japanese American carpenters.

Adapted from the NRHP nomination submitted in 1991.


Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
Garage19263 Main StreetChinese sectionMain 0003Garage
Store19357 Main StreetChinese sectionMain 0007Store
Store192611 Main StreetChinese sectionMain 0011Store
Barber Ship and Pool Hall192613 Main StreetChinese sectionMain 0013Barber Ship and Pool Hall
Store192615 Main StreetChinese sectionMain 0015Store
Store192617 Main StreetChinese sectionMain 0017Store
Store192621 Main StreetChinese sectionMain 0021Store
Store192623 Main StreetChinese sectionMain 0023Store
Bing Rung Tong Building192627 Main StreetChinese section. One of the few buildings in the district that was built by Chinese carpenters and laborers, as opposed to local contractors.Main 0027Bing Rung Tong Building
Store192631 Main StreetChinese sectionMain 0031Store
Store192633 Main StreetChinese sectionMain 0033Store
Store192636 Main StreetChinese sectionMain 0036Store
Restaurant192626 Main StreetChinese sectionMain 0026Restaurant
Store192624 Main StreetChinese sectionMain 0024Store
Restaurant192622 Main StreetChinese sectionMain 0022Restaurant
Residence192618 Main StreetChinese sectionMain 0018Residence
Store192616 Main StreetChinese sectionMain 0016Store
Store192614 Main StreetChinese sectionMain 0014Store
Barber Shop and Garage192612 Main StreetChinese sectionMain 0012Barber Shop and Garage
Commercial194710 Main StreetChinese sectionMain 0010Commercial
Union Ice House19262 Main StreetChinese sectionMain 0002Union Ice House
Firehouse192635 Main StreetJapanese sectionMain 0035Firehouse
Residence192637 Main StreetJapanese sectionMain 0037Residence
Residence192641 Main StreetJapanese sectionMain 0041Residence
Residence192643 Main StreetJapanese sectionMain 0043Residence
Residence192645 Main StreetJapanese sectionMain 0045Residence
Hotel192647 Main StreetJapanese sectionMain 0047Hotel
Residence192661 Main StreetJapanese sectionMain 0061Residence
Garage192663 Main StreetJapanese sectionMain 0063Garage
Office Building192966 Main StreetJapanese sectionMain 0066Office Building
Residence192656 Main StreetJapanese sectionMain 0056Residence
Residence192654 Main StreetJapanese sectionMain 0054Residence
Restaurant192650 Main StreetJapanese sectionMain 0050Restaurant
Restaurant192648 Main StreetJapanese sectionMain 0048Restaurant
Card Room and Casino192646 Main StreetJapanese sectionMain 0046Card Room and Casino
Store192646 Main StreetJapanese sectionMain 0046Store
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