National Register of Historic Places in Sacramento County, California

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National Register #90000484
Chinese-American Historic District
Bounded by River Road, Tyler Street, Bridge Street, C Street
Walnut Grove

Established as a steamer stop in 1851 by John Wesley Sharp, Walnut Grove is located in the Sacramento River Delta. In the late 1860s, hundreds of Chinese laborers laid off from railroad construction or leaving the gold mines, went to work building levees and farming the reclaimed land.

Adapted from the NRHP nomination submitted in 1990.

This forty-acre district contains twenty-one contributing buildings and eight noncontributing buildings.

Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
Residence19371260 C StreetC Residence
Residence193714137 Dye StreetDye 1Residence
Residence193714140 Dye StreetDye 2Residence
Residence193814142 Dye StreetDye 3Residence
Residence194014157 Dye StreetDye 4Residence
Garage193814161 Dye StreetDye 5Garage
Residence193714162 Dye StreetDye 6Residence
Stage Depot191614132 Market StreetMarket 0Stage Depot
Grocery Store193714133 Market StreetMarket 1Grocery Store
Pumphouse193814134 Market StreetMarket 2Pumphouse
Gambling Parlor193714135 Market StreetMarket 3Gambling Parlor
Bing Kong Tong Building193714136 Market StreetMarket 4Bing Kong Tong Building
Suen Building193714138 Market StreetMarket 5Suen Building
Grocery Store193714147 Market StreetMarket 6Grocery Store
Soda Fountain193714151 Market StreetMarket 7Soda Fountain
Barber Shop193714153 Market StreetMarket 8Barber Shop
Restaurant193814157 Market StreetMarket 9Restaurant
Residence192714137 Tyler StreetTyler 1Residence
Residence193714161 Tyler StreetTyler 2Residence
East Indian Store193714161 Tyler StreetTyler 3East Indian Store
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