Plumas County Points of Interest

North Fork Feather River in Lassen National Forest
North Fork Feather River
Lassen National Forest
Old Red Bluff Road Old Red Bluff Road, originally the Red Bluff-Susanville Wagon Road, runs parallel to North Fork Feather River through Stump Ranch
Stump Ranch The marker is mounted horizontally on the stone base.
Stump Ranch 24 September 2013
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Stump Ranch
Old Red Bluff Road
Lassen National Forest

The marker reads:

Stump Ranch

Stump Ranch, a stage stop on the Red Bluff - Susanville Wagon Road, was also the road's caretaker. It may have changed hands in an 1890's poker game. The name arose after 1880's logging left a field of stumps. So it could be recorded as swamp land in 1869, surveyors worked from a horse drawn wooden boat. J. C. Tyler, the road's agent, charged tolls: $1 for a horseman, $10 per 8 horse hitch, 16¢ per head of cattle and 10¢ for sheep and hogs. The road and ranch have seen many a cowboy, pioneer, Indian, logger, gold prospector, outlaw, drover, and Civil War vet heading for California.

Dedicated July 17, 6004 (1999) by Vigilantes Outpost No. 1911
Las Plumas del Oro Chapter No. 8
Of the Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus

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