California Historical Landmarks in Plumas County

California Historical Landmark 212
Pioneer Grave
Bucks Lake Road Near Washboard Road
Plumas National Forest

Bucks Lake, California, May 2010
Bucks Lake, California, 2 May 2010
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After three years of drought in California, we didn't expect the snowpack at Bucks Lake - elevation only 5,161 feet - to be so deep in May, but the sight was bracing.

Somewhere under this snow, the Pioneer Grave marker hibernates. We shall return to find it.

Pioneer Grave (Grizzly Creek)

The legend, as told by the pioneers: 'The lad was returning to Marysville from a trip to the mines, he, having packed a trainload of provisions to the mines, was returning with gold dust. He was murdered and robbed. Later a comrade carved his name, age, etc., on a tree. P. Linthiouh, died September, 1852, age 19.

Citation from California Office of Historic Preservation

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