National Register of Historic Places in Jackson County

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National Register #80003328
Union Creek Historic District
Highway 62
Period of Historical Significance: 1900-1942

The development of Union Creek as a recreation site is directly related to its location on the only feasible travel route up the Rogue River. Constructed in 1865, the Jacksonville-Fort Klamath Military Wagon Road (Union Creek Trail) provided farmers, ranchers and merchants of the Rogue Valley with a passage to the Upper Klamath Basin and other points east of the Cascade crest that was accessible at almost all times of the year.

Union Creek was identified as a convenient and pleasant place to break a toilsome journey. By the later years of the 19th century, Union Creek had become popular with Rogue Valley residents as a camping and fishing site where families and friends gathered to visit and enjoy the scenery.

With the establishment of National Forests, forest recreation increased. When in 1910-1911 the old wagon road was improved for automobile traffic, Union Creek became a favored rest stop for excursionists to Crater Lake and for berrypickers whose ultimate destination was the historic huckleberry patches on nearby Huckleberry Mountain.

Recreation sites enhanced by the United States Forest Service drew increasing numbers of auto campers. The end of the World War I brought about the "Good Roads" movement. "Good roads everywhere" included the construction of a two-lane Crater Lake Highway (State Highway 62). Although unpaved until 1930, the highway brought more and more tourists to Crater Lake and to Union Creek.

Because the popularity of resorts diminished after the 1930s, the resort facilities at Union Creek represent a form of recreation once typical, now vanishing. The Union Creek Resort has retained its integrity of location, design, setting, materials, workmanship, feeling and association in spite of continuous use by the public.

Adapted from the NRHP nomination submitted in 1980.

This 13,220-acre historic district contains eighty-one contributing buildings, five contributing structures and three contributing objects.

Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
Farewell Bend Campground1933 01Farewell Bend Campground
Winter Sports Area1935 Downhill ski slope, rope tow, warming shelter02Winter Sports Area
Winter Sports Area1935 Open hearth stone fireplace03Winter Sports Area
Rogue Gorge 04Rogue Gorge
Rock Quarry 05Rock Quarry
Huckleberry Mountain Road193006Huckleberry Mountain Road
Log Drift Fence193007Log Drift Fence
Bridge Site193008Bridge Site
Old Crater Lake Road1865Old Military Wagon Road09Old Crater Lake Road
Union Creek Lodge193710Union Creek Lodge
Resort Cabins1925Thirteen cabins built between 1925 and 193511Resort Cabins
Linen Storage Building12Linen Storage Building
Shower House13Shower House
Storage Shed14Storage Shed
Large Drinking Fountain16Large Drinking Fountain
Beckie's Café193517Beckie's Café
Permitte's Residence193018Permitte's Residence
Union Creek Service Station192419Union Creek Service Station
Union Creek Garage20Union Creek Garage
Employee's Cabin21Employee's Cabin
Water Tower192522Water Tower
Employee's Cabin23Employee's Cabin
Water Fountain and Reflecting Pool24Water Fountain and Reflecting Pool
Small Drinking Fountain25Small Drinking Fountain
Picnic Area26Picnic Area
Forest Service Residence #103127Forest Service Residence #1031
Garage #152928Garage #1529
Forest Service Residence #103229Forest Service Residence #1032
Garage #152830Garage #1528
Forest Service Residence #103331Forest Service Residence #1033
Garage #152532Garage #1525
Forest Service Residence #103533Forest Service Residence #1035
Horse Barn #241337Horse Barn #2413
Fire Equipment Shed #2306194239Fire Equipment Shed #2306
Fire Warehouse #2205193440Fire Warehouse #2205
Light Plant House #1602194241Light Plant House #1602
Gas and Lube Shed #2564193542Gas and Lube Shed #2564
Union Creek Campground193445Union Creek Campground
Community Kitchen193546Community Kitchen
Registry Booth and Comfort Station193547Registry Booth and Comfort Station
Community Bonfire Ring193448Community Bonfire Ring
Tract of Summer Homes, Block B1944Seventeen privately owned summer house built between 1944 and 195650Tract of Summer Homes, Block B
Tract of Summer Homes, Block A1925Twenty-five privately owned summer house built between 1944 and 195651Tract of Summer Homes, Block A
Site of Upper Rogue Civilian Conservation Corps Camp193352Site of Upper Rogue Civilian Conservation Corps Camp
Mess Hall #1400194352AMess Hall #1400
Shower House #1725194352BShower House #1725
Tract of Summer Homes, Block E1940Six privately owned summer house built between 1940 and 195053Tract of Summer Homes, Block E
Union Creek - Huckleberry Mountain Road1910Forest Road 3116 follows the route of the old road54Union Creek - Huckleberry Mountain Road
Upper Rogue River Trail193655Upper Rogue River Trail
Natural Bridge Campground193356Natural Bridge Campground
Community Bonfire Ring57Community Bonfire Ring
Stone Walk Entrance Overlook193358Stone Walk Entrance Overlook
Stone Walk Exit Overlook59Stone Walk Exit Overlook
Natural Bridge60Natural Bridge
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