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Nevada Historic Markers in Washoe County

Nevada Historical Marker 234
Moana Springs
West Moana Lane at Ballpark Entrance

Nevada Historical Marker 234: Moana Springs in Reno
Nevada Historical Marker 234: Moana Springs in Reno

15 March 2016
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Moana Springs

Opened as a resort on October 29, 1905, Moana Springs took its name from a famous Hawaiian spa. In addition to a large bath house with a pool fed by hot springs, Moana had a stately hotel, a clubhouse, baseball diamond and picnic grounds. Constructed and initially operated by Charles T. Short, (who gave the resort its name), Al North and John N. Evans, Moana was acquired by Louis W . Berrum in 1913 and remained in his family for the next four decades. Served by Berrum's Nevada Interurban Trolley Line from 1907 to 1920, Moana hosted dances, rodeos, boxing matches, trapshoots, circuses and aviation exhibitions. The city of Reno purchased Moana in 1956 and the remaining buildings were demolished the next year to make way for a new recreational complex.

State Histoical Marker No. 234
Division of Historic Preservation and Archeology
Washoe County Historical Society


West Moana Lane
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