Nevada Historic Markers in Lyon County

Nevada Historical Marker #163
Chinatown (Early Name of Dayton)
Highway 50 and Dayton Valley Road

Three Historical Markers on Highway 50: Chinatown, Dayton, Pony Express
Nevada Historical Marker 163: Chinatown in Dayton

Three Commemorative Markers Stand on Highway 50 at Dayton Valley Road:
Chinatown, Dayton and The Pony Express
6 August 2008
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Early Name of Dayton

The first Chinese were brought to this site in 1856 to build the "Reese" ditch from the Carson River to the entrance of Gold Canyon. The ditch was used for placer mining. The Chinese soon began reworking the placers, earning a living from those abandoned by the miners. So many Chinese followed (200) that the settlement was called Chinatown. The name was changed to Dayton in 1861 in honor of john Day, who laid out the town and later became Surveyor General of Nevada.

State Historic Marker No. 163
Nevada State Parks System
Dayton Historical Society

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