Historic Sites and Points of Interest in McKinley County

Continental Divide Indian Market on I-40
Continental Divide Indian Market on I-40 East of Gallup
5 August 2007


Old Route 66 crosses the continental divide in McKinley County.

The year 2000 census lists the county population as 74,798. Almost three quarters of the people identify themselves as American Indians, primarily Navajo and Zuni, but also other tribes to include Apache, Cherokee, Cheyenne, Chippewa, Choctaw, Creek, Iroquois, Kiowa, Pima, Shoshone, Sioux, Alaskan Athabaskan, Blackfoot, Chickasaw, Comanche, Crow, Osage, Paiute, Potawatomi, Seminole, Tlingit, and Tohono O'Odham.

The county seat is Gallup.

Name Address City Year Authority ID Sort Address Sort Name
Ashcroft-Merrill Historic DistrictBloomfield and McNeil Streets JunctionRamahNational1990001079BloomfieldAshcroft-Merrill Historic District
ATSF Depot201 East Highway 66GallupNational1988001694Highway 066 E 0201ATSF Depot
Chief Theater228 West Coal AvenueGallupNational1987002223Coal W 0228Chief Theater
Cotton Warehouse101 North Third StreetGallupNational1987002226 Street 03 N 0101Cotton Warehouse
Drake Hotel216 East Highway 66GallupNational1987002218Highway 066 E 0218Drake Hotel
El Morro Theater205-209 West Coal AvenueGallupNational1987002221Coal W 0205El Morro Theater
El Rancho Hotel100 East Highway 66GallupNational1987002222Highway 066 E 0100El Rancho Hotel
Fort Wingate Historic DistrictHighway 400Fort WingateNational1978003076Highway 400Fort Wingate Historic District
Gallup Post Office201 South First StreetGallupNational1987002228 Street 01 S 0201Gallup Post Office
Grand Hotel306 West Coal AvenueGallupNational1987002217Coal W 0306Grand Hotel
Halona (Zuni) PuebloHighway 53ZuniNational1975002066Highway 053Halona (Zuni) Pueblo
Harvey Hotel408 West Coal AvenueGallupNational1987002219Coal W 0408Harvey Hotel
Herman's Garage and Service StationHighway 122, 150 Yards West of I-40 ExitThoreauNational1993001212Highway 122Herman's Garage and Service Station
Lebanon Lodge No. 22106 West Aztec AvenueGallupNational1987002225Aztec W 0106Lebanon Lodge No. 22
Log Cabin Motel (Destroyed by fire in 2004)1010 West Highway 66GallupNational1993001213Highway 066 W 1010Log Cabin Motel (Destroyed by fire in 2004)
McKinley County Courthouse205-209 West Hill StreetGallupNational1987000879Hill W 0205McKinley County Courthouse
Old Route 66 (Iyanbito to Rehoboth)Highway 66, Iyanbito I-40 Interchange to State Police Station RehobothRehobothNational1997001397Highway 066Old Route 66 (Iyanbito to Rehoboth)
Old Route 66 (Manuelito to the Arizona Border)Highway 66, West Side of the Manuelito Grade Separation Southwest to AZ borderManuelitoNational1993001209Highway 066Old Route 66 (Manuelito to the Arizona Border)
Palace Hotel236 West Highway 66GallupNational1987002216Highway 066 W 0236Palace Hotel
Redwood Lodge907 East Highway 66GallupNational1998000051Highway 066 E 0907Redwood Lodge
Rex Hotel300 West Highway 66GallupNational1987002215Highway 066 W 0300Rex Hotel
Southwestern Range and Sheep Breeding Laboratory Historic DistrictFort Wingate Work Center, Cibola National ForestFort WingateNational2003000488Cibola National ForestSouthwestern Range and Sheep Breeding Laboratory Historic District
Vogt Ranch HouseHighway 53 and Canyon Road One Mile South of RamahRamahNational1992001819Highway 053Vogt Ranch House
White Cafe100 West Highway 66GallupNational1987002212Highway 066 W 0100White Cafe
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