Historic Sites and Points of Interest in Nevada County

Trinity Episcopal Church
11 December 2013
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Trinity Episcopal Church
202 High Street
Nevada City
Built 1873

A marker in front of the church reads:

Trinity Episcopal Church, founded as a parish in 1855, opened for divine service in this building on November 2, 1873. Previously on this site was "Caldwell's Upper Store", built in 1849 for the miners of Upper Deer Creek Dry Diggings, now known as Nevada City and Washington School, 1863, the community's first high school.

The present building was erected by shipwrights working in the mines. Their craftsmanship may be seen in its construction.

Dedicated by Grand Parlor
Native Sons of the Golden West
And Hydraulic Parlor No. 56
Native Sons of the Golden West
November 4, 1973
Reg. Point of Historical Interest Nev. 0018
In memory of James D. Phelan, U.S. Senator

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