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Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Engine 5
15 December 2013
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Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum
5 Kidder Court
Nevada City
Railroad built 1876
Museum opened 2003

There are two plaques on the front of the museum:

Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum and Interpretive Center

The Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad (1876-1942) ran 22 miles from Nevada City through Grass Valley, its headquarters; to Colfax, Placer County, where it met the transcontinental line of the Central (later Southern) Pacific Railroad. Built by John F. Kidder, it was the main freight and passenger route serving the western county. Kidder ran the railroad until his death in 1901 and was followed by his widow Sarah, who became the first woman railroad president in the United States. She served until 1913.

This museum is dedicated to preserving the NCNGRR's place in history and to those who built, operated and maintained the little road.

Placed by the City Council of Nevada City
December 20, 2001

Railroad and Transportation Museum

The Nevada County Historical Society founded the Transportation Museum Division in 1983 to acquire, document, restore and preserve information and artifacts pertaining to Nevada County's railroad and transportation history. Best known is the Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad that operated from 1876 until 1942. The museum opened for public enjoyment on March 17, 2003.

Dedicated March 12, 2001
By the Native Sons of the Golden West

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