Napa County Points of Interest

Point of Historic Interest: Stonebridge
The marker is visible in the lower right corner of the
photograph near the tree. Stonebridge was probably
located on the hill seen here on the other side of the
Silverado Trail.
Point of Historic Interest: Stonebridge 12 December 2017
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Silverado Trail and Pope Street
St. Helena
Opened c1890

Located in the ground on the west side of the Silverado Trail just south of the Pope Street Bridge, the (barely legible) marker reads:

Departed This Life February 1953

Located on the hill to the east and south of this point was a haven of comfort to many a man from the late 1800's until closed in 1953. Condemned by certain elements of our society yet venerated by others that "labored in the vineyards" of Napa Valley. Often closed, to the consternation of its feminine occupants, and reopened again and again, to the joy of its guests, until operations were finally halted by the County Sheriff at the insistence of the Attorney General.

Rest in Peace

Dedicated August 20, 1983
Sam Brannan Chapter No. 1004
E Clampus Vitus

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