National Register of Historic Places in Napa County

National Register #82002218: Groezinger Wine Cellars, California 20 April 2009
National Register #82002218: Groezinger Wine Cellars, California 15 November 2004
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Groezinger Wine Cellars
AKA Vintage 1870
AKA V Marketplace
6525 Washington Street
Built 1870

Groezinger Wine Cellars is open to the public as a complex of stores and eateries.

When we photographed the complex in 2004, it was named Vintage 1870. When we photographed it again in 2009, it had been rebranded V Marketplace: Where shopping meets lifestyle.

There are two plaques at Groezinger Wine Cellars:

Groezinger Winery
Vintage 1870

This winery, once known as one of the finest cellars in the state, was erected by Mr. G. Groezinger in 1870. The winery stands on part of the original land grant made to Salvador Vallejo by the government of Mexico in 1838. Vintner Groezinger purchased a portion of the land from the George C. Yount estate for 250 dollars in United States gold coin. The boundary originally included that portion of the village of Yountville that lies south of Madison Street. The winery was in use from 1870 to 1954. During the 100 years the buildings have had very little alteration and most of the original ones stand here on this 20 acre site.

Dedicated by the Native Sons of the Golden West
May 1, 1971
In Memory of James D. Phelan

A Bit of Vintage 1870 History

On June 23, 1870, German born vintner, Gottlieb Groezinger, acquired from Henry C. Boggs 370 acres in Yountville and began construction of what would become one of the largest operating wineries in California.

The surrounding buildings that you see were part of the elaborate Groezinger Winery complex, which included a large brick wine cellar and detached Brandy [sic] distillery, brick livery stables and barns, a creamery, a steam power plant and the three-story, brick Groezinger mansion (now Compadres Bar & Grill) to the north of the property.

Unfortunately, Groezinger's great enterprise was due for a setback. On the night of September 20, 1876, a mysterious explosion and a fire in the distillery destroyed all that would burn in the building. Groezinger carried no insurance. In spite of the disastrous loss of his Brandy [sic] distillery, Groezinger successfully continued his winemaking operation until 1889, when he ultimately sold the property. Under successive ownership, the winery remained in operation until 1955. The Groezinger Winery, known today as Vintage 1870, is listed in the National Register of Historic Places with the U.S. Department of the Interior.

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