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Point of Historic Interest: Monterey Commercial Fishing Fleet
22 November 2012
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Monterey Commercial Fishing Fleet
Lighthouse Avenue at Washington Street

A marker at the site reads:

This harbor is the home of....
Monterey's Commercial Fishing Fleet.

It once boasted the largest sardine fishing industry in the world, an industry that flourished until the late 1940's. Commercial fishing was pioneered and developed here by the Sicilian fishermen, whose courage and vision contributed significantly to the history and culture of Monterey. Our Bay continues to rank as one of the major fishing areas on the West Coast.

The "Santa Maria" is an original Monterey-style boat, with her distinctive bow and rounded stern. Designed for these waters, this type of vessel is internationally known as a "double-ender". She was built in 1918 and skippered by three generations of the Sal Di Franco Family, who fished this Bay from the turn of the century.

The Fisherman's Wharf Association purchased the "Santa Maria" in 1975 and, in conjunction with the City of Monterey, created this living tribute to the memory of those gallant fishermen who played such an important role in the economic and spiritual growth of the beautiful Monterey Bay Area.

Dedicated 1970.

San Nicola is the third Monterey fishing boat to be displayed here.

When the historic marker was dedicated in 1970, Santa Maria was here. When Santa Maria deteriorated, she was replaced by Francesca which also deteriorated.

According to the Boat Database, San Nicola was built in 1939.

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