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Point of Historic Interest: Cannery Divers Memorial 22 November 2012
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Cannery Divers Memorial
Near the Intersection of Cannery Row and Reeside Avenue

Cannery Divers Memorial

Monterey's world-famous sardine industry depended on the courage and skill of cannery divers. Sardines were pumped ashore from floating hoppers through underwater pipes that had to be installed, repaired, replaced, realigned and maintained in order for the canneries of the old row to operate a full six month season each year. Monterey could never have become "The Sardine Capital of the World" without their heroic underwater exploits. Two Monterey cannery divers [Henry Porter and Tom Pierce] died in the performance of their dangerous work under the waves of Monterey Bay.

Dedicated April 17, 2008
By the Cannery Row Foundation and the Historic Divers Society - USA

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