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Point of Historic Interest: Argentine Navy 22 November 2012
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Argentine Navy
Lower Presidio Historic Park

La Armada Argentina

A traves de los estudiantes pretenecientes al Consejo Argentino de Intercambio Estudiantil (CADIE) recuedrdan el 161º aniversario en que El Capitan de Navio Dn. Hipolito Bouchard hizo flamear el pabellon Argentino en San Carlos de Monterrey y el bicentenario del nacimeinto de ese procer.

Noviembre 1979 - Enero 1980

The Argentine Navy

Through the students from the Argentine Council for Students Interchange (CADIE) in memory of the 161st anniversary of the day in which Captain Hipolito Bouchard hoisted the Argentine flag at San Carlos de Monterrey and the bi-centenary of his birth.

November 1979 - January 1980

This innocuous marker requires elaboration.

"Raising the flag" is a euphemism for pillaging and plundering.

Hipólito Bouchard was a French Argentine sailor and corsair who fought for Argentina, Chile and Peru.

He was born in 1780 near Saint Tropez, France. As a young man, he served in the French merchant fleet.

In 1809, Bouchard moved to Argentina and was serving in the Argentine revolutionary navy by 1811.

In 1817, Bouchard set off on a journey around the world, bearing a letter of marque that allowed him to attack Spanish ships and settlements. On this journey he raided the missions of California.

On November 20, 1818, Bouchard attacked the Presidio at Monterey with two ships, the frigate La Argentina and the corvette Santa Rosa. On November 24, two hundred men landed and attacked the fort from the land. They overcame the defenders and held the Presidio for six days. They stole cattle, weapons and other valuables. They burned down the fort and much of the surrounding town.

On the voyage back to South America, Bouchard plundered Mission San Juan Capistrano in Southern California.

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