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California Historic Point of Interest: Legend of Deadman in Crestview 22 June 2009
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Legend of Deadman
US 395 Near Deadman Creek Road

Legend of Deadman

In 1861 the burned and headless body of Robert Hume, a prospector, was found in a shallow grave not far from this site. Later, the head was located in a nearby stream (now known as Deadman Creek). Hume was last seen alive with his partner, Farnsworth, searching for the fabled Lost Cement Mine. When next seen, Farnsworth was asked about his partner, to which he told a story of a surprise indian attack and barely escaping with his life. A subsequent investigation proved this to be untrue. Unfortunately, before an arrest warrant could be issued, Farnsworth disappeared.

However, the legend did not end there. A few years later, the remains of two nameless prospectors were found near the bottom of what is now Deadmans Pass. Then, in December 1879, William Haines a postal worker, was reported missing during a severe winter storm while transporting mail between Mammoth City and Kings Ranch. His body and mailbags were later recovered near the bottom of what is now Deadman Summit. Thus, ensuring this section of Mono County would forever be linked with "Deadman".

Dedicated September 11, 2004
Bodie Chapter No. 64
E Clampus Vitus

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