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California Historic Point of Interest: Casa Diablo Near Mammoth Lakes 24 June 2009
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Casa Diablo
US 395 at Minaret Road
Mammoth Lakes
Built 1878

Casa Diablo

A distinctive landmark and gathering place used by many early inhabitants of the area for bathing, food preparation, ceremonial and medicinal purposes. It was named "House of the Devil", by early explorers, for it's boiling hot springs, plumes of rising steam and spectacular geysers.

From 1878 to 1881 it was a stage stop along the Bishop Creek-Bodie state route, a vital relay station for supplies, mail and equipment en route to the mining camps of Mammoth City, Mill City, Mineral Park and Pine City. Unfortunately, when those mines failed, Casa Diablo faltered.

After its tenure as a state stop, Casa Diablo endured a succession of business venture (trading post, seasonal resort, tavern, gas station, grocery store, hardware store and lumber yard) until 1983, when it was transformed into a geothermal electric generating plant.

Although today remnants are all that remain of Casa Diablo, it made a lasting contribution to the development of Mono County and the Eastern Sierra.

Dedicated September 8, 2001
Bodie Chapter #64 E Clampus Vitus
Town of Mammoth Lakes

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