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Historic Point of Interest: Bennettville in Tioga Pass 26 June 2009
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Saddlebags Lake Road at Tioga Pass Road
Tioga Pass
Founded 1874


One mile west is the site of Bennettville. Originally located as the Sheepherder Mine in 1874 by William Bruskey and relocated by Thomas Bennett, President of the Great Sierra Consolidated Silver Mining Company as the Tioga Mines. The claim and visions of a rich silver lode drew thousands to the site of Bennetville. In 1882, eight tons of mining equipment were brought from Lundy via the Tioga Crest and across Saddlebags [sic] Lake to the mine. The need for a better way to get mining equipment to Bennetville and ore out prompted the building of the Tioga Road. The road, from the Big Oak Flat Road to Bennettville, was completed in 1883. No ore was ever mined or any hauled. By 1890, the mine was closed and the Tioga Road was little more than a pack trail.

Dedicated September 7, 1985
Bodie Chapter No. 64
E Clampus Vitus

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