National Register of Historic Places in Marin County

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National Register #89000819
Station KPH Operating Station
18500 State Highway 1

The Station KPH Operating Station is a simple steel frame and concrete building located about 3/10 mile from the other four buildings that comprised the original station complex. The Operating Station building is separated from the others by a number of later buildings that belonged to the Synanon organization. All the buildings are located near Tomales Bay in a wooded setting that has grown up since the construction of Station KPH.

The Marconi Wireless Receiving Station along with its transmitting counter-part in Bolinas, provided a vital link in a vast plan by the Marconi Wireless Company of America, headquartered in New York City, to establish an around the world wireless communication system.

The opening of the Marshall/Bolinas Stations and Kahuku/Koko Head Stations, for the first time in history, made almost instant communication possible, not only between California and Hawaii, but also between Japan and Europe or South America. The Marshall/Bolinas stations also provided Ship to Shore communications covering the Pacific Ocean which made ocean travel much safer.

Also see Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America Historic District National Register Listing #88003223.

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