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Historic Point of Interest: A Panamint City Marker and Two Ballarat Markers A Panamint City Marker and Two Ballarat Markers
Panamint Range in Background
Seldom Seen Slim Seldom Seen Slim
Date Unknown
Courtesy of East California Museum
Historic Point of Interest: Seldom Seen Slim Gravesite
Seldom Seen Slim Gravesite
Historic Point of Interest: Seldom Seen Slim Gravesite Charles Ferge
"Seldom Seen Slim"
1889 - 1968
"Me Lonely? Hell, No!
I'm half coyote and half wild burro!"

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Ballarat Markers
Trona Wildrose Road at Ballarat Road
Mojave Desert Near Death Valley
Founded 1897

3½ Miles

Now a ghost town, Ballarat served nearby mining camps from 1897 to 1917. They produced nearly a million in gold. The jail & a few adobe ruins remain. Seldom Seen Slim, it's [sic] last resident, was buried in Boothill in 1968. It had a school but no church.

Post Office Spring ¼-mi south is where the Brier Party, some Jay Hawkers & other 49ers came in their escape from Death Valley in Jan. 1850.

On Sunday morn at 3am, March 22, 1908, a car in the Worlds Longest Race, a Thomas Flyer, arrived in Ballarat. It won the New York to Paris race, covering 13,341 miles in 169 days. The car is now in Harrah's Museum in Reno.

Erected 3-92 by Death Valley Escape Trail Conf. Trona Chapter


3½ miles east of this point lies Ballarat. Established in 1897 as a mining camp and supply center for the gold and silver mines located on the western slope of the Panamint Mountains. It was named after a well-known gold producing area in Australia. Boasting a population of nearly 500, it had a Wells Fargo Station, post office, school, jail, morgue, 3 hotels and 7 saloons. When the Ratcliff Mine suspended operations in 1905, Ballarat began to rapidly decline. After the post office closed in September of 1917 Ballarat became a ghost town.

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