National Register of Historic Places in Del Norte County

National Register #78000282: Radar Station B-71 in Redwood National Park, California The WWII Radar Station
Costal Drive in Redwood National Park, California Coastal Drive Near the WWII Radar Station
8 July 2007
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National Register #78000282
Radar Station B-71
Coastal Drive
Redwood National Park

The following is excerpted from an interpretive placard on Coastal Drive at the head of the footpath leading down to the former radar station:

After the bombing of Pearl Harbor during World War II, the possibility of enemy attack on the U.S. mainland became very real. At one point, Japanese submarines operated in offshore waters and actually shelled some shipping operations and oil installations off the coast of California and Oregon.

To guard against potential invasions, the U.S. Army built "farm" buildings....The cinderblock structures, complete with shingled roofs, and fake windows and dormers, housed an early warning radar station.

From the air, the sea, and even the road, these buildings appeared to be part of a working farm. In fact, they housed a diesel generator, electronic equipment, and two 50-caliber anti-aircraft guns....

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