Hot Greeks
March & April 1972


Vintage poster for a Nocturnal Dream Show by the fabulous Cockettes of San Francisco: Hot Greeks


College rhythm meets the Peloponnesian War as Athens U takes on Sparta Tech for their annual football match. This musical, loosely based on Lysistrata, features the Tri Thigh Sorority girls jiving to the hits of Aristophanes. The kids dance through the ruins and consult the oracle of Delphi (The Hot Twat of Tangier) as they make their way to victory on the gridiron where quarterback Pendulum Pulaski saves the day, for the Gods and Greece.




Sweet Pam as Leda



Sweet Pam and John Flowers



Kreemah Ritz
Photo © Susie Nightowl



Drew Eshelman
Photo © Susie Nightowl



Martin Worman
Photo © Susie Nightowl


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