Hollywood Babylon
August 1970


Vintage poster for a Nocturnal Dream Show by the fabulous Cockettes of San Francisco: Hollywood Babylon


An epic debauchery as Hollywood comes to North Beach. A klieg light and red carpet opening for the Cockettes, who inspired by Kenneth Anger's book Hollywood Babylon , bring the sleazy side of Hollywood to the Palace Theatre stage. The sold-out gala performance features stars from Pola Negri to Gypsy Rose Lee, and features dazzling, choreographed production numbers which culminate in a salute to Gene Autry and Dale Evans.


Kenneth Anger Posters



John Rothermel and Daniel Ware in Hollywood Babylon
John Rothermel and Daniel Ware
As the Leggy P. Sisters
Photo © David Wise

Brent and Rumi in Hollywood Babylon
Brent and Rumi
Photo © Blair Paltridge

Rumi Arrives at the Palace for Hollywood Babylon
Rumi Arrives at the Palace
Photo © Blair Paltridge

Rumi in Hollywood Babylon
Photo © David Wise

Hibiscus in Hollywood Babylon
Photo © Blair Paltridge

Johnny McGowen in Hollywood Babylon
Johnny McGowen
Photo © David Wise


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