National Register of Historic Places in Butte County, California

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National Register #91000636
South of Campus Neighborhood
Bounded by West 2nd, Normal, West 6th and Cherry Streets

This 520-acre historic district contains 114 contributing buildings. The period of significance is from 1850 to 1949.

Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
1920627 West 2nd StreetClapboard bungalow with craftsman details.Street 02 W 627
1920635 West 2nd StreetStreet 02 W 635
Shepherd House1915647 West 2nd StreetOne of Chico's best-maintained examples of a Craftsman Bungalow.Street 02 W 647Shepherd House
1910729 West 2nd StreetStreet 02 W 729
1910737 West 2nd StreetStreet 02 W 737
Hall - Van Hook Funeral Chapel1927341 West 3rd StreetStucco, conservative Mediterranean Villa. One of Chico's oldest businesses, evolving out of the furniture and mortuary business established by Thomas Bicknell in 1889.Street 03 W 341Hall - Van Hook Funeral Chapel
1910421 West 3rd StreetStreet 03 W 421
429 West 3rd StreetCraftsman Bungalow.Street 03 W 429
1903430 West 3rd StreetBuilt sometime between 1903 and 1921.Street 03 W 430
Dean House1920442 West 3rd StreetChico's best example of Prairie style.Street 03 W 442Dean House
Crew House1903504 West 3rd StreetColonial Revival style.Street 03 W 504Crew House
Rouke-Haile House1903512 West 3rd StreetShingle style with Queen Anne asymmetry and Colonial Revival details.Street 03 W 512Rouke-Haile House
Richardson (C.C.) House1907520 West 3rd StreetColonial Revival style.Street 03 W 520Richardson (C.C.) House
Richardson (J.V.) House1907528 West 3rd StreetStreet 03 W 528Richardson (J.V.) House
Ball House1869536 West 3rd StreetMay be one of Chico's oldest extant structures. It appears to have been built for Charles Ball, pioneer watchmaker and mayor, around 1869, on the northeast corner of West 2nd and Chestnut Streets. It was moved here in the 1920's.Street 03 W 536Ball House
Zwidler House1914544 West 3rd StreetStreet 03 W 544Zwidler House
1902625 West 3rd StreetStreet 03 W 625
O'Hair House1884628 West 3rd StreetRural interpretation of the Greek Revival style.Street 03 W 628O'Hair House
White House1902642 West 3rd StreetDutch mode of the Colonial Revival style.Street 03 W 642White House
Walker House1875702 West 3rd StreetItalianate style. Jefferson Walker, whose brickyard supplied the brick for most of the commercial buildings and schools in town until 1902, built this house for himself in 1875. It is one of the few remaining brick residences in Chico.Street 03 W 702Walker House
1920728 West 3rd StreetStreet 03 W 728
1915745 West 3rd StreetStreet 03 W 745
1890746 West 3rd StreetMultigabled Queen Anne built between 1890 and 1902.Street 03 W 746
1902319 West 4rd StreetClassical Revival box with Queen Anne style shingled, multiple gables. A square side bay with beautiful carved brackets is the only vestige of the original one story Eastlake cottage which was greatly enlarged between 1902-1921 and remodeled in the late 1Street 04 W 319
1921330 West 4rd StreetBuilt sometime before 1921.Street 04 W 330
Abraham House1918413 West 4rd StreetChico's only Secessionist details in the patterning in the eave soffits and surface applied design. The original living room chandelier was a Secessionist design of helmeted heads.413 Street 04 WAbraham House
1921414 West 4rd StreetBuilt sometime before 1921.Street 04 W 414
1921420 West 4rd StreetBuilt between 1902 - 1921Street 04 W 420
1921428 West 4rd StreetColonial Revival cottage. Built between 1902 - 1921Street 04 W 428
Canfield House1903429 West 4rd StreetStreet 04 W 429Canfield House
McIntosh House1908440 West 4rd StreetThis square, 2-story house was once Chico's grandest example of the Colonial Revival style. Its current use as a fraternity house has led to its misuse and deterioration.Street 04 W 440McIntosh House
1902441 West 4rd StreetStreet 04 W 441
1902611 West 4rd StreetStreet 04 W 611
1885626-628 West 4rd StreetMoved to this site in the 1950s from 3rd and Salem Streets.Street 04 W 626
Eames Cottage1903629 West 4rd StreetOne of 3 identical rectangular cottages built in 1903 by Charles Eames behind his Soda Works. The porch has turned posts and small Eastlake-like brackets.Street 04 W 629Eames Cottage
Eames Cottage1903637 West 4rd StreetIdential to 629 West 4rd Street.Street 04 W 637Eames Cottage
Wood House1873644 West 4rd StreetItalianate style house built for Rev. Jesse Wood about 1873. Typical of residences of the period in its symmetry, simplicity of detail and workmanship.Street 04 W 644Wood House
Eames Cottage1903645 West 4rd StreetIdential to 629 West 4rd Street.Street 04 W 645Eames Cottage
1920720 West 4rd StreetStreet 04 W 720
Stansbury House1883307 West 5th StreetNational Register #75000424Street 05 W 307Stansbury House
1886330 West 5th StreetStreet 05 W 330
1920345 West 5th StreetBuilt in the 1920s as a grocery store replacing an earlier dwelling.Street 05 W 345
Kennedy House1920413 West 5th StreetClassic box with a Craftsman veranda, now enclosed, exposed rafters, clinker brick fireplace, and "carved" brackets supporting the entry gable.Street 05 W 413Kennedy House
1880428 West 5th StreetGood extant example of a comfortable, middle-class home of the early 1880s.Street 05 W 428
Costar House1903505 West 5th StreetStreet 05 W 505Costar House
1920511-513 West 5th StreetPeriod Revival style popular in the 1920s.Street 05 W 511
1920519-521 West 5th StreetStreet 05 W 519
1903527-531 West 5th StreetStreet 05 W 527
1906541 West 5th StreetColonial Revival cottage.Street 05 W 541
Matthews House1906606 West 5th StreetColonial Revival.Street 05 W 606Matthews House
Bicknell House1898611 West 5th StreetQueen Anne style. One of the largest houses in the district.Street 05 W 611Bicknell House
O'Hair House618 West 5th StreetOne of Chico's few Gothic Revival cottages exhibiting decorated bargeboards.Street 05 W 618O'Hair House
Eames House1885630 West 5th StreetEames had this house built in 1895 next to his Chico Soda Works. Originally a classic box with a Queen Anne octagonal tower, it was remodeled around 1910 by architect Julia Morgan.Street 05 W 630Eames House
Fifth Street Rooming House1873731 West 5th StreetItalianate box typical of the early 1870s. Probably built as a rooming house for people associated with the railroad since it was built a few years after the railroad arrived and is about two blocks from the depot.Street 05 W 731Fifth Street Rooming House
1880324 West 6th StreetExcellent example of a single-story Italianate with front veranda. Moved to this site about 1915 from the Junction area. Built c1880.Street 06 W 324
1880345 West 6th StreetProportions and symmetry typical of an early 1880s residence.Street 06 W 345
1900411 West 6th StreetThis cottage is similar to many from the 1900s.Street 06 W 411
414 West 6th StreetStreet 06 W 414
1900419 West 6th StreetStreet 06 W 419
1900420 West 6th StreetStreet 06 W 420
1900431 West 6th StreetClassic example of a simple stucco California Bungalow.Street 06 W 431
1900518 West 6th StreetStreet 06 W 518
527 West 6th StreetSalt-box cottage built between 1890 and 1921.Street 06 W 527
1902530 West 6th StreetThe first floor was a Colonial Revival cottage. Second story apparently added to accomodate a duplex.Street 06 W 530
1886543 West 6th StreetStreet 06 W 543
1902544 West 6th StreetStreet 06 W 544
1890621 West 6th StreetStreet 06 W 621
1921629 West 6th StreetStreet 06 W 629
1890706 West 6th StreetBuilt between 1890 - 1902.Street 06 W 706
1890718 West 6th StreetBuilt between 1890 - 1902.Street 06 W 718
1920719 West 6th StreetStreet 06 W 719
1921727-731 West 6th StreetBuilt before 1921.Street 06 W 727
Bryan1903730 West 6th StreetColonial Revival.Street 06 W 730Bryan
Barnard House1884238 Normal AvenueOriginal building was Italianate with square bay windows on the facade and south side. In the early 1910's, the front bay was removed and a Greek Revival portico was added with two sets of triple double-story Ionic columns supporting a pediment with a bulNormal 238Barnard House
Sherwood House1883310 Normal AvenueEastlake stickwork used freely on the shiplap-sided building with elaborate knobbed brackets under the eaves. Built for wagon-maker, William H. Sherwood.Normal 310Sherwood House
1884322 Normal AvenueNormal 322
Waterland Apartments1880327 Normal AvenueOne of Chico's first apartment buildings. Built about 1880 and remodeled by G.F. Waterland in 1914, which probably explains its eclectic appearance.Normal 327Waterland Apartments
Cole Residence1903334 Normal AvenueLocal architect, Chester Cole resided here from 1918 to about 1933.Normal 334Cole Residence
Copeland House1903342 Normal AvenueNormal 342Copeland House
Allen-Sommer-Gage House1862410 Normal AvenueGreek Revival style. One of Chico's oldest documented houses. National Register #77000288.Normal 410Allen-Sommer-Gage House
1884417-421 Normal AvenueThis pre-1884 clapboard cottage has been added to several times to create its asymmetric shape.Normal 417
1900429 Normal AvenueClassical Revival box built in the first decade of the 20th century.Normal 429
1910529 Normal AvenueColonial Revival cottage form with Craftsman details. Probably built in the 1910's.Normal 529
1870530 Normal AvenuePioneer cottage probably built in the 1870's.Normal 530
Nottelman House1929541 Normal AvenueChico's only example of the Monterey Revival style.Normal 541Nottelman House
Cosby Home1872327 Chestnut StreetGeorge B. Cosby, Civil War veteran and later State Adjutant General, had this home built in 1872. Originally it was an ell-shaped house facing West 4th Street with a veranda and Eastlake trim. Around 1900, it was moved to this site and by the late 1920's,Chestnut 327Cosby Home
1920411-415 Chestnut StreetCraftsman Airplane Bungalow built in early 1920s.Chestnut 411
1901530 Chestnut StreetChestnut 530
Reynolds House1878206 Hazel StreetGreek Revival cottage. The fruit and nut packing family, the Reynolds, lived here from 1919 - 1959.Hazel 206Reynolds House
Earl House1900238 Hazel StreetStick-Eastlake style. built for the proprietors of a local hardware store, William and Nancy Earll, with all millwork done in Chico.Hazel 238Earl House
Bower House1900308 Hazel StreetStick style.Hazel 308Bower House
1913318 Hazel StreetHazel 318
1920346 Hazel StreetMediterranean Revival bungalow.Hazel 346
1902420 Hazel StreetBuilt between 1902 and 1921.Hazel 420
Notre Dame School1928435 Hazel StreetBuilt in 1928 and classroom/convent wing in 1979.Hazel 435Notre Dame School
Bicknell Cottage1900530 Hazel StreetOne of a set of three identical Queen Anne cottages built at the beginning of the 20th century for Thomas Bicknell at the back of his large Queen Anne house at 611 West 5th Street.Hazel 530Bicknell Cottage
531 Hazel StreetHazel 531
Bicknell Cottage1900536 Hazel StreetSee 530 Hazel Street.Hazel 536Bicknell Cottage
Bicknell Cottage1900544 Hazel StreetSee 530 Hazel Street.Hazel 544Bicknell Cottage
1902224 Ivy StreetColonial Revival cottage built between 1902 and 1914.Ivy 224
1920225 Ivy StreetBungalow withCraftsman treatment In the gables. Built early 1920s.Ivy 225
1883228 Ivy StreetItalianate cottage.Ivy 228
1930235 Ivy StreetEnglish cottage.Ivy 235
Crosette House1871305 Ivy StreetClapboard, multigabled cottage with many additions and renovations.Ivy 305Crosette House
Ormsby House1881318 Ivy StreetItalianate cottage.Ivy 318Ormsby House
325-327 Ivy StreetRectangular gabled house has Craftsman details. Moved here in 1952, when the University demolished the residences along West 1st Street.Ivy 325
Jackson House1881330 Ivy StreetLocal jeweler, Frank M. Jackson had this house built in 1881.Ivy 330Jackson House
Fordham House1878342 Ivy StreetSimilar to the two Italianate cottages next to it. Built in 1878 for J.F. Fordham, a brickmaker.Ivy 342Fordham House
1910514 Ivy StreetIvy 514
Schooler House1887527 Ivy StreetItalianate cottage.Ivy 527Schooler House
1914529 Ivy StreetIvy 529
1880604 Ivy StreetSmall clapboard, gabled cottage dates from at least the early 1880's.Ivy 604
317 Cherry StreetClapboard bungalow. A wide corbeled frieze under the boxed eaves is its most distinctive feature.Cherry 317
Schwein House1903527 Cherry StreetOne of four gambrel-roofed residences designed by AJ. Bryan in 1903, one of which is around the corner at 730 West 6th Street.Cherry 527Schwein House
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