Historic Sites and Points of Interest in Mohave County

Mohave County is bounded on the west by the Colorado River which separates it from California and Nevada. It is bounded on the north by Utah. The county seat is Kingman, and the largest town is Lake Havasu City home of the London Bridge.

With an area of 13,470 square miles (34,886 kilometers), Mohave County is larger than Maryland, but it has a population density of only about fourteen people per square mile (four people per square kilometer). Ninety percent of the residents identify themselves as Caucasian.

Part of Grand Canyon National Park and the Lake Mead National Recreation Area are located in Mohave County.

Name Address City Year Authority ID Sort Address Sort Name
Anderson (Max) House523 Pine StreetKingmanNational1986001110Pine 0523Anderson (Max) House
Anderson (R.L.) House703 East BealeKingmanNational1987001160Beale East 0703Anderson (R.L.) House
Armour and Jacobson Building426-430 East Beale StreetKingmanNational1986001112Beale East 0426Armour and Jacobson Building
AT&T BuildingPine and North Third StreetsKingmanNational1986001114Pine 0300AT&T Building
ATSF LocomotiveLocomotive ParkKingmanNational1986001113Locomotive ParkATSF Locomotive
Big HouseCenter Street and 200 WMoccasinNational1983003497CenterBig House
Black House707 Cerbat AvenueKingmanNational1993001324Cerbat 0707Black House
Blakeley (William) House503 East Spring StreetKingmanNational1986001115Spring East 0503Blakeley (William) House
Blakely (Ross) House519 East Spring StreetKingmanNational1986003763Spring East 0519Blakely (Ross) House
Bonelli HouseEast Spring and North Fifth StreetsKingmanNational1975000352Spring East 0500Bonelli House
Brown House524 East Oak StreetKingmanNational1986001116Oak East 0524Brown House
Building at 218 Spring218 East Spring StreetKingmanNational1986001117Spring East 0218Building at 218 Spring
Carr House620 East Oak StreetKingmanNational1986001118Oak East 0620Carr House
Dennis HouseSouth Second and East Park StreetsKingmanNational1986001119 Street 02Dennis House
Desert Power & Water Company Electric Power PlantBounded by ATSF RR tracks, Spillway Lane, Park and First StreetsKingmanNational1986001137Park 0000Desert Power & Water Company Electric Power Plant
Durlin HotelMain StreetOatmanNational1983002988Main 0000Durlin Hotel
Elk's Lodge No. 468East Oak and North Fourth StreetsKingmanNational1986001138Oak East 0400Elk's Lodge No. 468
Elliott House537 East Spring StreetKingmanNational1986001139Spring East 0537Elliott House
Gates House714 East Oak StreetKingmanNational1986001140Oak East 0714Gates House
Gruninger Building424 East Beale StreetKingmanNational1986001141Beale East 0424Gruninger Building
GymnasiumFirst StreetKingmanNational1986001142 Street 01Gymnasium
Hardyville Cemetery1700 Dorado DriveBullhead CityNational2001000905Dorado 1700Hardyville Cemetery
Horse Valley RanchLake Mead National Recreation AreaLittlefieldNational1984000781Lake MeadHorse Valley Ranch
House at 105 Spring105 East Spring StreetKingmanNational1986001143Spring East 0105House at 105 Spring
House at 519 Golconda519 GolcondaKingmanNational1986001148Golconda 0519House at 519 Golconda
House at 527 Pine527 Pine StreetKingmanNational1986001145Pine 0527House at 527 Pine
House at 536 East Park536 East Park StreetKingmanNational1986001146Park E 0536House at 536 East Park
House at 809 Grand View809 Grandview AvenueKingmanNational1986001144Grandview 0809House at 809 Grand View
Householder House431 East Spring StreetKingmanNational1986001149Spring East 0431Householder House
Hubbs HouseGolconda Avenue and South Fourth StreetKingmanNational1978000554Golconda 0400Hubbs House
IOOF Building208 North Fifth StreetKingmanNational1986001150 Street 05 North 0208IOOF Building
Kayser House604 East Oak StreetKingmanNational1986001151Oak East 0604Kayser House
Kingman Army Air Forces Flexible Gunnery School Radio Tower7000 Flightline DriveKingmanNational1999000107Flightline 7000Kingman Army Air Forces Flexible Gunnery School Radio Tower
Kingman Commercial Historic District300 and 400 Blocks of East Andy Devine AvenueKingmanNational1986001153Andy Devine East 300Kingman Commercial Historic District
Kingman Grammar SchoolNorth Fifth and Pine StreetsKingmanNational1986001154 Street 05 North 9999Kingman Grammar School
Kingman Post Office310 North Fourth StreetKingmanNational1986001173 Street 04 North 0310Kingman Post Office
Lefever House525 East Oak StreetKingmanNational1986001162Oak East 0525Lefever House
Little Red School219 North Fourth StreetKingmanNational1986001156 Street 04 North 0219Little Red School
Livingston House222 Topeka StreetKingmanNational1986001158Topeka 0222Livingston House
Lovin & Withers Investment House722 East Beale StreetKingmanNational1986001161Beale East 0722Lovin & Withers Investment House
Lovin and Withers CottagesTopeka and South Eighth StreetsKingmanNational1986001159Topeka 0800Lovin and Withers Cottages
Mahoney House155 Walnut StreetKingmanNational1986001163Walnut 0155Mahoney House
Masonic Temple212 North Fourth StreetKingmanNational1986001164 Street 04 North 0212Masonic Temple
Mohave County Courthouse and Jail310 North Fourth StreetKingmanNational1983002990 Street 04 North 0310Mohave County Courthouse and Jail
Mohave County HospitalWest Beale between Grandview Avenue and First StreetKingmanNational1986001165Beale West 0500Mohave County Hospital
Oatman Drug Company Building1 Main StreetOatmanNational2005001064Main 0001Oatman Drug Company Building
Old Trails BridgeAbandoned US 66 over the Colorado RiverTopockNational1988001676Highway 066 01Old Trails Bridge
Peach Springs Trading PostOld Route 66Peach SpringsNational2003001196Highway 066 03Peach Springs Trading Post
Pipe Spring National MonumentHighway 389MoccasinNational1966000186Highway 389Pipe Spring National Monument
Pipe Spring National Monument Historic District (Boundary Increase)Highway 389MoccasinNational2000001072Highway 389Pipe Spring National Monument Historic District (Boundary Increase)
Saint John's Methodist Episcopal Church425 East Spring StreetKingmanNational1986001170Spring East 0425Saint John's Methodist Episcopal Church
Saint Mary's Catholic Church302 East Spring StreetKingmanNational1986001166Spring East 0302Saint Mary's Catholic Church
Sand Hollow Wash BridgeOld US 91 Over Sand Hollow WashLittlefieldNational1988001657Highway 091Sand Hollow Wash Bridge
Sargent House426 Topeka StreetKingmanNational1986001167Topeka 0426Sargent House
Sullivan Lodging House218 East Oak StreetKingmanNational1986001168Oak East 0218Sullivan Lodging House
Truxton Canyon Indian School Highway 66ValentineNational2003001197Highway 066 02Truxton Canyon Indian School
Tyrell House133 East Beale StreetKingmanNational1986001172Beale East 0133Tyrell House
Van Marter Building423-427 East Beale StreetKingmanNational1986001174Beale East 0423Van Marter Building
Walker House906 Madison AvenueKingmanNational1986001175Madison 0906Walker House
White House509 East Spring StreetKingmanNational1986001176Spring East 0509White House
Williams House531 East Oak StreetKingmanNational1986001177Oak East 0531Williams House
Wright House317 East Spring StreetKingmanNational1986001178Spring East 0317Wright House
Ziemer House507 East Oak StreetKingmanNational1986001179Oak East 0507Ziemer House
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