National Register of Historic Places in Alameda County

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National Register #05000424
Panoramic Hill Historic District
Panoramic Way, Canyon Road, Mosswood, Orchard Lane, Arden Road
Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
Cottage and Garage19211 Panoramic WayWalter SteilbergPanoramic 001Cottage and Garage
Apartment19125-11 Panoramic WayJulia MorganPanoramic 00Apartment
House190123 Panoramic WayBernard MaybeckPanoramic 023House
House and Garage190825 Panoramic WayA. H. BroadPanoramic 025House and Garage
House190327 Panoramic WayEdgor HooverPanoramic 027House
House190836 Panoramic WayFrank M. MayPanoramic 036House
House191738 Panoramic WayWalter SteilbergPanoramic 038House
House and Garage192859-61 Panoramic WayWalter SteilbergPanoramic 059House and Garage
House and Retaining Wall191360 Panoramic WayHenry RowePanoramic 060House and Retaining Wall
House and Garage190862 Panoramic WayHenry RowePanoramic 062House and Garage
House190864 Panoramic WayHenry RowePanoramic 064House
House190866 Panoramic WayJulia Morgan and Ira HooverPanoramic 066House
Studio and Fountain193972 Panoramic WayRobert RatcliffPanoramic 072Studio and Fountain
House194174 Panoramic WayRobert RatcliffPanoramic 074House
Apartment190473-77 Panoramic WayA. H. BroadPanoramic 073Apartment
House and Garage1931101 Panoramic WayWalter SteilbergPanoramic 101House and Garage
House and Garage1926107 Panoramic WayChester MillerPanoramic 107House and Garage
House, Stairway and Retaining Wall19061 Canyon RoadErnest CoxheadCanyon 001House, Stairway and Retaining Wall
Cottage and Garage19355 Canyon RoadWalter SteilbergCanyon 005Cottage and Garage
House19089 Canyon RoadJulia Morgan and Ira HooverCanyon 009House
House, Garage and Retaining Wall190415 Canyon RoadErnest CoxheadCanyon 015House, Garage and Retaining Wall
House190735 Canyon RoadAlbert WhitneyCanyon 035House
House and Garage192445 Canyon RoadWalter SteilbergCanyon 045House and Garage
House192747 Canyon RoadT. F. LassingCanyon 047House
House190849 Canyon RoadT. F. LassingCanyon 049House
House and Garage192451 Canyon RoadWalter SteilbergCanyon 051House and Garage
House and Garage191167 Canyon RoadGeorge Malcolm StrattonCanyon 067House and Garage
Cottage19304 Mosswood LaneWalter SteilbergMosswood 004Cottage
Cottage and Garage19246 Mosswood RoadWalter SteilbergMosswood 006Cottage and Garage
House19198 Mosswood RoadHarris AllenMosswood 008House
House, Cottage and Garage192511 Mosswood RoadJulia MorganMosswood 011House, Cottage and Garage
House and Retaining Wall197513 Mosswood RoadFrank Lloyd Wright (Non-Contibuting)Mosswood 013House and Retaining Wall
House192216 Mosswood RoadMabel R. BairdMosswood 016House
House and Garage192129 Mosswood RoadWalter SteilbergMosswood 029House and Garage
House and Retaining Wall191137 Mosswood RoadWalter H. Ratcliff, Jr.Mosswood 037House and Retaining Wall
House191538 Mosswood RoadCarleton ParkerMosswood 038House
House19221 Orchard LaneWalter SteilbergOrchard 001House
House and Retaining Wall19153 Orchard LaneGeoffrey E. BangsOrchard 003House and Retaining Wall
Cottage195019 Orchard LaneOrchard 019Cottage
Cottage194921 Orchard LaneOrchard 021Cottage
House191259 Arden RoadArden 0059House
House193569 Arden RoadWalter SteilbergArden 0069House
House193970 Arden RoadWilliam WursterArden 0070House
House192576 Arden RoadArden 0076House
House, Garage and Retaining Wall1915100 Arden RoadErnest A. HersamArden 0100House, Garage and Retaining Wall
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