National Register of Historic Places in Alameda County, California

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National Register #98000813
Downtown Oakland Historic District
Broadway From 17th to 11th Street

The 260-acre Downtown Oakland Historic District contains forty-three contributing buildings and one contributing object.

Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
Security Bank and Trust - Key System Building1000-1010 Broadway & 436-446 11th Street Broadway 1000Security Bank and Trust - Key System Building
Oakland Bank of Savings1200-1212 Broadway & 448 12th Street Broadway 1200Oakland Bank of Savings
Charles Jurgens Company - Lux Theater Building1224-1240 Broadway & 427-449 13th Street Broadway 1224Charles Jurgens Company - Lux Theater Building
Union Savings Bank - Easton Building1300-1304 Broadway & 430-448 13th Street Broadway 1300Union Savings Bank - Easton Building
Central Bank Building1400-1416 Broadway & 424-448 14th Street Broadway 1400Central Bank Building
First National Bank of Oakland Building1401-1419 Broadway & 1402 San Pablo Broadway 1401First National Bank of Oakland Building
Realty Syndicate Building - YeLiberty Playhouse1420-1444 Broadway Broadway 1420Realty Syndicate Building - YeLiberty Playhouse
Anglo California Bank - - Mazor Brothers Building1450-1460 Broadway & 429-449 15th Street Broadway 1450Anglo California Bank - - Mazor Brothers Building
Roos Brothers Store Building1500-1520 Broadway & 448 15th Street Broadway 1500Roos Brothers Store Building
Kahn's Department Store Building1501-1539 Broadway & 501-511 16th StreetBroadway 1501Kahn's Department Store Building
Latham Memorial Fountain1601 Broadway & Gore Telegraph Broadway 1601Latham Memorial Fountain
Federal Realty Company - Pierce Building1605-1615 Broadway & 1606 Telegraph Broadway 1605Federal Realty Company - Pierce Building
Moyles-Kappman Building1617-1619 Broadway & 1618 Telegraph Broadway 1617Moyles-Kappman Building
Perine-Gilmour Building1621-1623 Broadway & 1624 Telegraph Broadway 1621Perine-Gilmour Building
Reed Building1633 Broadway & 1636 Telegraph Broadway 1633Reed Building
Bercovich Store Building1635-1637 Broadway & 451-457 17th Street Broadway 1635Bercovich Store Building
City Hall Plaza-Memorial PlazaCity Hall Plaza & 14th Street & San Pablo Avenue City Hall Plaza City Hall Plaza-Memorial Plaza
Oakland City Hall1 City Hall Plaza City Hall Plaza Oakland City Hall
Graneton-Brownell Building1437-1445 Franklin Street Franklin 1437Graneton-Brownell Building
First Trust & Savings-Amercian Bank Building1540-1550 San Pablo Avenue & 521-563 16th Street San Pablo 1540First Trust & Savings-Amercian Bank Building
Heald-Dixon Business College Building1600-1606 San Pablo Avenue & 532-538 16th Street San Pablo 1600Heald-Dixon Business College Building
Latham Square Building1601-1615 Telegraph Avenue & 500-508 16th Street San Pablo 1601Latham Square Building
Sullivan Building1621-1620 Telegraph Avenue Telegraph 1621Sullivan Building
Sexton-Favre Building1631 Telegraph Avenue Telegraph 1631Sexton-Favre Building
Cahill & Sbarbaro Building1645 Telegraph Avenue & 501-509 17th Street Telegraph 1645Cahill & Sbarbaro Building
Bradley Store Building1401-1415 Webster & 350-356 14th Street Webster 1401Bradley Store Building
Marks Building380-388 12th Street Street 12 0380Marks Building
St. Mark Hotel390-396 12th Street & 1200 Franklin Street 12 0390St. Mark Hotel
Pantages-Hippodrome Theater Building400-416 12th Street & 1201-1211 Franklin Street Street 12 0400Pantages-Hippodrome Theater Building
Central Building & Loan Association Building363-369 13th Street Street 13 0363Central Building & Loan Association Building
Hotel St. George371-375 13th Street Street 13 0371Hotel St. George
Breuner Company-Oakland Tribune Building401-417 13th Street & 1219 Franklin Street Street 13 0401Breuner Company-Oakland Tribune Building
Perry Building414-416 13th Street Street 13 0414Perry Building
Income Securities Building360-364 14th Street Street 14 0360Income Securities Building
Alameda County Title Insurance Building380-398 14th Street & 1400-1404 Franklin Street Street 14 0380Alameda County Title Insurance Building
Athenian-Nile Club Building400-408 14th Street & 1401-1411 Franklin Street Street 14 0400Athenian-Nile Club Building
Financial Center Building401-415 14th Street & 1319-1327 Franklin Street Street 14 0401Financial Center Building
Elks Hall-Scheeline Building412-420 14th Street Street 14 0412Elks Hall-Scheeline Building
Oakland Title Insurance Company Building401-403 15th Street & 1447-1459 Franklin Street 15 0401Oakland Title Insurance Company Building
Wiener Builder405-407 15th Street Street 15 0405Wiener Builder
The Majestic Furnished Rooms415-417 15th Street Street 15 0415The Majestic Furnished Rooms
Surety Mortgage-Capwell Company Building416-420 15th Street Street 15 0416Surety Mortgage-Capwell Company Building
Foulkes Building419-423 15th Street Street 15 0419Foulkes Building
Plaza Building500-508 15th Street & Frank Ogawa Plaza Street 15 0500Plaza Building
East Bay Water Company Building512 16th Street Street 16 0512East Bay Water Company Building
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