National Register of Historic Places in Alameda County, California

Old Federal Post Office in Alameda, California Old Federal Post Office
2417 Central Avenue
20 November 2010
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National Register #82002154
Park Street Historic Commercial District
Bounded By Park, Oak, Lincoln, Encinal
Period of Historic Significance: 1880-1946

Park Street Historic Commercial District has been a place of business and commerce since 1880.

Small retail establishments and a few monumental institutional buildings have continuously dominated the streetscape. The commercial character of Park Street sets it apart from the surrounding, almost intact 19th century suburban community whose populace generally commuted to Oakland and San Francisco.

The district includes rare masonry buildings which have survived from the 19th century, a time when redwood was available in unlimited supply. In the 19th century, less than one percent of the buildings in Alameda were masonry. Most were on Park Street. Most are still standing.

The sixty-acre historic district contains sixty-four contributing buildings.

Adapted from the NRHP nomination dated November 1981.

Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
Lee Auto Supply19261523-1525 Park StreetPark 1523Lee Auto Supply
Pop In Bar18971515 Park StreetBuilt prior to 1897 and extensively remodeled in 1920.Park 1515Pop In Bar
18971513 Park StreetBuilt prior to 1897.Park 1513
19261505-1507 Park StreetPark 1505
18972321-2323 Santa Clara AvenueBuilt prior to 1897 and remodeled several times.Santa Clara 2321
19022317 Santa Clara AvenueSanta Clara 2317
18922313 Santa Clara AvenueSanta Clara 2313
Koerber Building18922309-2311 Santa Clara AvenueSanta Clara 2309Koerber Building
18802305 Santa Clara AvenueResidence dating from the 1880's with numerous bays and additions.Santa Clara 2305
19382301 Santa Clara AvenuePrefabricated metal gas station in the Art Deco style.Santa Clara 2301
Knights of Pythias Building18971510 Oak StreetBuilt between 1897 and 1910; exact date unknown.Oak 1510Knights of Pythias Building
Alameda Times-Star Warehouse19261514 Oak StreetOak 1514Alameda Times-Star Warehouse
Alameda Times-Star Building19461516 Oak StreetOak 1516Alameda Times-Star Building
Schroeder Building19032316-2320 Santa Clara AvenueSanta Clara Avenue 2316Schroeder Building
18802326-2328 Santa Clara Avenue and 1435-1437 Park StreetProbably built in the 18880's.Santa Clara Avenue 2326
19381419 Park StreetPark 1419
19091415-1417 Park StreetBuilt prior to 1909.Park 1415
Boehmer Building18701407-1413 Park StreetBuilt in the 1870's and much remodeled over the years.Park 1407Boehmer Building
19221403 Park StreetPark 1403
18801401 Park StreetBuilt c.1880.Park 1401
The Alameda Theatre19312315-2323 Central AvenueArt Moderne movie theater designed by Timothy Pflueger.Central 2315The Alameda Theatre
19102314-2320 Central AvenueBuilt c.1910.Central 2314
T. Cannon Building19291351 Park StreetPark 1351T. Cannon Building
19291349 Park StreetPark 1349
19001347 Park StreetPark 1347
19001343 Park StreetBuilt prior to 1900.Park 1343
Burns Building19081339 Park StreetPark 1339Burns Building
18752310 Alameda AvenueOriginally built around 1875 with a 1926 addition.Alameda 2310
New Masonic Temple19272312-2324 Alameda AvenueAlameda 2312New Masonic Temple
Old Masonic Temple18911327-1333 Park StreetPark 1327Old Masonic Temple
18911325 Park StreetPark 1325
18971305-1311 Park StreetBuilt prior to 1897 with major remodeling in 1936 and 1951.Park 1305
18801301-1303 Park StreetBuilt c.1880.Park 1301
Derby Building19241320-1328 Park StreetPark 1320Derby Building
Delanoy Block19021336-1346 Park StreetPark 1336Delanoy Block
Farnham Block18891350-1364 Park StreetBuilt in 1889 as a Queen Anne with a rounded corner tower and three-sided bays, Transformed into a Moderne building in 1938.Park 1350Farnham Block
Offices and apartments19152416-2420 Central Avenue and 1359 Park StreetBuilt in 1915 and stuccoed over in the 1930's.Central 2416Offices and apartments
Old Alameda Federal Post Office19122417 Central AvenueRenaissance Revival building designed by William A. Newman. Built in 1912, expanded in 1932, restored in 1977.Central 2417Old Alameda Federal Post Office
Wells Fargo Bank18881400 Park StreetBuilt as a one-story bank in 1888 with the second story added in 1902.Park 1400Wells Fargo Bank
19081402-1410 Park StreetPark 1402
Park Place19341420-1424 Park StreetPark 1420Park Place
Park Row and Tucker Building18851430-1440 Park StreetBuilt in 1885 in the Stick style. Remodeled in the Art Deco style, apparently in the year 1952 even though Art Deco was no longer fashionable.Park 1430Park Row and Tucker Building
Oak Theatre19122420 Santa Clara AvenueThe 1912 Oak Theatre was rehabilitated and enlarged in 1977.Santa Clara Avenue 2320Oak Theatre
Bank of America19061500-1504 Park StreetThe original building was damaged in the 1906 earthquake but was rebuilt. Major alterations in 1926 and the early 1940's.Park 1500Bank of America
19231514-1518 Park StreetPark 1514
19102412-2416 Webb AvenueBuilt c.1910.Webb 2412
19092411 Webb AvenueBuilt prior to 1909.Webb 2411
19251532 Park StreetPark 1532
19201544 Park StreetPark 1544
19092408-2410 Lincoln AvenueBuilt prior to 1909 and altered in 1924.Lincoln 2408
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