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Bay Area Architects: Bernard Maybeck

Swedenborgian Church in San Francisco Swedenborgian Church
3200 Washington Street in San Francisco
8 February 2009
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Bernard Maybeck


Buildings Designed by Bernard Maybeck Sequenced By Year and Name
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Name Year City
Keeler House1895Berkeley
Swedenborgian Church1895San Francisco
Kellogg (Emma) House1899Palo Alto
Town and Gown Club1899Berkeley
Bridgman House1900Berkeley
McGrew House1900Berkeley
Flagg House #11901Berkeley
Boke House1902Berkeley
Faculty Club1902UC Berkeley
Keeler Studio1902Berkeley
Kellogg (Hiram) House1902Emeryville
Bohemian Grove Clubhouse1903Monte Rio
Beach House1904Oakland
Gates House1904San Jose
Newhall House1904San Francisco
Outdoor Art Club 1904Mill Valley
Tufts House #11905San Anselmo
Flagg Studio1906Berkeley
Hillside Club1906Berkeley
Rees House1906Berkeley
Telegraph Hill Neighborhood House1906San Francisco
French House1907Berkeley
Gregory House1907Berkeley
Josselyn House1907Woodside
Kern House1907Piedmont
Lawson House1907Berkeley
Maurer Photographic Studio 1907Berkeley
Saeltzer House1907Redding
San Mateo Polo Club1907San Mateo
Schneider House1907Berkeley
Senger House1907Berkeley
Atkinson House1908Berkeley
Havens House1908Piedmont
Roman House1908San Rafael
Tufts House #21908San Rafael
Goslinsky House1909San Francisco
Randolph School1909Berkeley
Roos House1909San Francisco
Thomas House1909Mill Valley
First Church of Christ Scientist1910Berkeley
Hearst Memorial Gymnasium1910UC Berkeley
Power House1910San Francisco
Shuman House1910San Mateo
Boynton House1911Berkeley
Jockers House1911Berkeley
Britton House1912Redwood City
Flagg House #21912Berkeley
Rose Walk1912Berkeley
Palace of Fine Arts1913San Francisco
Parsons Memorial Lodge1913Yosemite National Park
Young House1913San Francisco
Chick House1914Oakland
Brookings (Lumber Company Town)1915Brookings, OR
Hunt House1915Berkeley
Mathewson House1915Berkeley
Whitney House1915Berkeley
Bingham House1916Montecito
Erlanger House1916San Francisco
Owens House1916Oakland
Gay House1917San Francisco
Loeb House1917San Francisco
Forest Hills Association Club 1919San Francisco
Calkins House1921Oakland
Clark House1921Berkeley
Glen Alpine Springs Resort 1921Eldorado National Forest
Peers House1921Colfax
Wright House1921Berkeley
Camp Curry Kitchen Additions 1922Yosemite Valley
Joralemon House and Studio1923Berkeley
Kennedy Studio1923Berkeley
Loy House1923Berkeley
Burnett House1924Berkeley
Geisler House1924Berkeley
Maybeck House #31924Berkeley
McMurray House1924Berkeley
Anthony House #11925Los Angeles
de Angulo House1925Berkeley
Staniford House1925Oakland
Packard Automobile Showroom1926San Francisco
Anthony House #21927Los Angeles
Family Service Agency1927San Francisco
Woolsey House1927Kensington
Anthony House #31928Los Angeles
Harrison Memorial Library 1928Carmel
Pillsbury House1928Berkeley
Tufts House #31931Berkeley
Twain Harte Mountain Club 1931Twain Harte
Maybeck (Annie) House1933Berkeley
Maybeck House #11933Berkeley
Wells Cabin1936Twain Harte
Maybeck House #21937Kensington
Maybeck Studio1938Berkeley
Morris House1939Berkeley
Aikin House1940Berkeley

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