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National Register of Historic Places in Jackson County, Oregon
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National Register #66000950
Jacksonville Historic District
Jacksonville City Limits

This 3,260-acre historic district contains seventy-six contributing buildings and two contributing structures.

Contributing Buildings Sequenced By Address
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Name Year Address Remarks
B. F. Miller House1880Primary
Cardwell House1860Secondary
Gwinn House1885Secondary
Orange Jacobs House1870Secondary
Pioneer VillageSecondary
Ulrich House1872Secondary
Judge Hanna House1870285 South First StreetSecondary
Kahler's Law Office1875155 North 3rd StreetPrimary
Love House1854175 North 3rd StreetPrimary
Harris-Chambers House1856210 North 3rd StreetLocal
M. G. Kennedy House1855240 North 3rd StreetLocal. Kennedy was first marshall of Jacksonville.
Fehley House1868South 3rd StreetSecondary
Mark Applegate House1895South 3rd StreetSecondary
Moore House1878South 3rd StreetSecondary
Typical House1890South 3rd and Pine StreetsLocal
P. J. Ryan Hotel Building1856125 South 3rd StreetLocal
James Elliot House1902130 South 3rd StreetLocal
Milo Caton House1902135 South 3rd StreetLocal
Catholic Rectory1861204 North 4th StreetPrimary
St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church1858240 North 4th StreetSecondary
Obenchain House1866355 North 4th StreetSecondary
Fick House1888North 5th StreetLocal
George Wendt House1910North 5th StreetLocal. Home continuously owned by Wendt family.
Turner House1867120 North 5th StreetSecondary
Karewski House1856145 North 5th StreetSecondary
Jackson County Courthouse1883206 North 5th StreetSecondary
Jackson County Jail1911206 North 5th StreetLocal
St. Andrews Methodist-Epsicopal Church1854305 North 5th StreetSecondary
Catholic Academy School1860310 North 5th StreetSecondary
St. Andrews Parsonage325 North 5th StreetLocal
Hockenjos-Fick House1878345 North 5th StreetLocal. Built by John Hockenjos. First renter - Nicholas Fick.
B. F. Dowell House1859470 North 5th StreetSecondary
Melissa C. Taylor House1910South 5th StreetLocal. A well-designed example of post-1900 era residential architecture built during the orchard boom period in Rogue Valley.
Reuter House1885410 East 6th StreetSecondary
Davidson House1870North 6th StreetSecondary
Henry Judge House1885North 6th StreetLocal. A pioneer in the saddlery business - one of the wealthiest prominent residents.
Kahler House1893North 6th StreetSecondary
County Clerics Office1885East C StreetLocal
Combest House1862160 West C StreetLocal
Chris Keegan House1880105 East D StreetSecondary
Cameron House1870425 South Oregon StreetSecondary
John Bilger House1863540 Blackstone AlleySecondary
Gold Marker1851500 Applegate StreetSecondary
Broad House1880575 Applegate StreetLocal
Wade, Morgan & Co.1861East California StreetLocal. Private museum 1972-1984, artifacts are still to be seen on the walls and ceiling.
Ryan and Morgan General Store1863115 East California StreetPrimary
U. S. Hotel1880125 East California StreetPrimary
Ben Drew Commission1856160 East California StreetPrimary
H. Judge Harness1858165 East California StreetPrimary
Dr. Will Jackson House1868235 East California StreetSecondary
Dr. J. W. McCully House1869240 East California StreetPrimary. Dr. McCully came to Jacksonville in 1852. The home was occupied by members of the family until 1944. Mrs. McCully had a children's school in the house before public schools were established.
Telephone Building1940255 East California StreetLocal. Property donated by Dr. Jackson and added to at least twice.
Minerva Armstrong House1856375 East California StreetSecondary
DeRoboam House1880390 East California StreetSecondary
First Presbyterian Church1881405 East California StreetSecondary
Magruder House1871455 East California StreetSecondary
Max Mueller House1888465 East California StreetSecondary
Beekman House1881470 East California StreetSecondary
Hattie Reams White House1891535 East California StreetLocal. Built by Thomas Reames for his daughter upon her marriage.
Thomas G. Reames House1868540 East California StreetSecondary
Pursell Log Cabin1930645 East California StreetLocal. Built of large diameter peeled logs.
Dr. Martin Vrooman House1878675 East California StreetLocal
Redman's Hall1884105 West California StreetPrimary
Beekman Bank1856110 West California StreetPrimary
Kubli Building1884115 West California StreetPrimary
Sutton's Drug Store1856120 West California StreetSecondary
Anderson & Glenn General Merchandise1856125 West California StreetPrimary
Neuber's Cardroom1865130 West California StreetSecondary
Glenn Drum Hotel (P. J. Ryan Building)1858135 West California StreetPrimary
Sach's Brothers Dry Goods1861140 West California StreetSecondary
Kennedy's Tin Shop1861150 West California StreetSecondary
Miller Gunsmith Shop1858155 West California StreetPrimary
Martin and Zigler Blacksmith Shop1859157 West California StreetPrimary
Schumpf Barber Shop1874165 West California StreetLocal
Bella Union Saloon1856170 West California StreetSecondary
Masonic Hall1875175 West California StreetPrimary
Fisher Brothers General Merchandise1856180 West California StreetPrimary
Rogue River Electric Company1905225 West California StreetPrimary. Early power substation.
Britt Park and Gardens1852West California Street and South First StreetSecondary
Eaton House1880Hill StreetLocal
Francois Loran House1896Hill StreetLocal
John Beauvenue House1890Hill StreetLocal
Harbaugh House1860425 Huener LaneSecondary
Owen Keegan House1865455 Huener StreetSecondary
Orth House1880105 West Main StreetPrimary
Jacksonville Cemetery1860North Oregon StreetSecondary
Jacksonville's First Schoolhouse1856North Oregon StreetLocal. South portion of the present house was the first school in Jacksonville.
Will Jackson, DD - Office1868North Oregon Street
Plymale House1865180 North Oregon StreetPrimary
Rogue River Valley Railway Depot1891185 North Oregon StreetSecondary
Elias Jacobs House1868305 North Oregon Street
George Hayes House1888360 North Oregon StreetLocal. George Hayes, an early day blacksmith.
Judge Touvelle House1916455 North Oregon StreetSecondary
Jeremiah Nunan House1890635 North Oregon StreetSecondary
Butcher Shop1854110 South Oregon StreetsSecondary
Orth Building1872150 South Oregon StreetPrimary. The upper floor included a popular dance hall and hotel rooms. Lower floor sign read 'E. Jacobs, Produce and Hides Taken in Exchange.'
Table Rock Billiard Saloon1859165 South Oregon StreetPrimary
Brunner Building1855170 South Oregon StreetPrimary
J. W. McCully Building1855175 South Oregon StreetPrimary
City Hall1874205 South Oregon StreetPrimary
Kubli House1860305 South Oregon StreetSecondary
Herman Helms House1878320 South Oregon StreetSecondary
Eagle Brewery Saloon1856355 South Oregon StreetSecondary
Booker House1880360 South Oregon StreetSecondary
Wilson House1885370 South Oregon StreetSecondary
Judge Colvig House1875410 South Oregon StreetSecondary
Schultz House1874450 South Oregon StreetLocal
Weiss/Kitchen House1876Sterling RoadLocal
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