NoeHill Travels in the American West: Nevada
Photographs of historic sites and points of interest in the American West
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Historic Sites in Nye County, Nevada

Cook Bank in the Ghost Town of Rhyolite
Cook Bank in the Ghost Town of Rhyolite
22 February 2007
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Historic Sites in Nye County, Nevada
Sequenced By Name
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Name Year Address City Authority Number
Bartlett HouseMcQuillan and Booker StreetsTonopahNational1982003215
Bass Building119 South St. Patrick StreetTonopahNational1982003216
BeattyUS 95 BeattyNevada173
BelmontState Route 82 BelmontNevada138
Belmont Historic DistrictState Route 82 BelmontNational1972000766
Berg HouseMariposa and Davis StreetsRound MountainNational1984002076
Berlin Historic DistrictState Route 844Berlin-Ichthyosaur State ParkNational1971000490
Big Smoky ValleyState Route 376 CarversNevada42
Boak HouseEllis StreetTonopahNational1982003217
Board and Batten CottageProspect StreetTonopahNational1982003218
Board and Batten Miners CabinOddie AvenueTonopahNational1982003219
Brann BoardinghouseBryan StreetTonopahNational1982003220
Brokers Exchange209-251 Brougher AvenueTonopahNational1982003221
Brown House129 Ellis StreetTonopahNational1982000613
Burdick House248 Prospect StreetTonopahNational1982003223
Butler Mining Company Stone Row Houses314 Everett AvenueTonopahNational1982003224
Campbell and Kelly BuildingCorona Avenue and North Main StreetTonopahNational1982000614
Chief TecopaEast and 3rd StreetsPahrumpNevada171
Clinton Stone Row House151 CentralTonopahNational1982003225
Combellack Adobe Row HouseCentral StreetTonopahNational1982003226
Curtis House169 Booker StreetTonopahNational1982003227
Curtis House/Oddie HouseEllis StreetTonopahNational1982003228
Dunham HouseBelmont AvenueTonopahNational1982003229
Frame Cottage183 South Prospect StreetTonopahNational1982003230
Golden BlockBrougher Avenue and Main StreetTonopahNational1982003231
Gregovich House101 SummitTonopahNational1982003232
IoneState Route 21 IoneNevada159
James Wild Horse TrapFive Miles East of Fish SpringsFish SpringsNational1974001148
Kendall House159 University AvenueTonopahNational1982003233
ManhattanState Routes 376 and 377ManhattanNevada97
Masterson HouseOhio Avenue and 2nd StreetTonopahNational1982003234
McDonald House191 South Booker StreetTonopahNational1982003235
McKim BuildingMain and Oddie StreetsTonopahNational1982003236
Mizpah Hotel100 Main StreetTonopahNational1978001725
Nevada Test SiteUS 95 and Mercury HighwayMercuryNevada165
Nevada-California Power Company Substation and Auxiliary Power BuildingKnapp and Cutting StreetsTonopahNational1982003237
Nye County CourthouseMcCulloch StreetTonopahNational1982003238
Nye County Mercantile Company Building147 Main StreetTonopahNational1982003239
Old BoundaryUS 95, six miles north of BeattyBeattyNevada58
OphirState Route 376 Near OphirOphirNevada64
Raycraft HouseBooker StreetTonopahNational1982003240
Rhyolite Ghost TownState Route 374 West of US 95RhyoliteLocal
Round MountainState Route 376 and State Route 378Round MountainNevada96
Sawle House155 Central StreetTonopahNational1982003241
Sedan CraterNevada Test Site Area 10MercuryNational1994000183
Shaw Adobe Duplex129 CentralTonopahNational1982003243
Shaw Row HouseCentral StreetTonopahNational1982003242
Shields House351 St. PatrickTonopahNational1982003244
St. Marks P. E. Church210 University AvenueTonopahNational1982003246
State Bank and Trust Company102 BrougherTonopahNational1982003247
Stone Jail Building and Row HouseWater StreetTonopahNational1982003248
Tate's Stage Station State Route 376 Near OphirOphirNevada217
Tonapah Liquor Company BuildingMain StreetTonopahNational1982003249
Tonapah Mining Company CottageQueen StreetTonopahNational1982003250
Tonapah Mining Company HouseQueen StreetTonopahNational1982003251
Tonapah Public Library171 CentralTonopahNational1982003252
Tonapah Volunteer Firehouse and GymnasiumBrougher and Burro StreetsTonopahNational1982003253
Tonapah-Extension Mining Company Power BuildingMain StreetTonopahNational1982003254
TonopahUS 95 TonopahNevada15
Tonopah Main Post Office201 Main StreetTonopahNational1990000136
TyboState Route 6 and Road to TyboTyboNevada172
Tybo Charcoal KilnsState Route 6, 55 Miles Northeast of TonopahTonopahNational1974001149
Verdi Lumber Company BuildingMain StreetTonopahNational1982003255
Water Company of Tonapah BuildingBrougher and Burro StreetsTonopahNational1982003256
Wieland Brewery BuildingMineral StreetTonopahNational1982003257